Have gas prices got you thinking twice about your trips this summer?

This week gas prices shot up to near $4.50 in Chicago and to just over $4.00 where I am 30 miles west of the city. It is already clear by attendance at this weekend's Cubs/Brewers series at Miller Park that many Chicagoans are staying home. With gas prices expected to rise throughout the summer, I am rethinking my road trip to Atlanta in August. I was going to hit Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, and spend a day in Nashville before continuing on to Atlanta. I may be cutting some things out of the itinerary, if not cutting the trip completely. Anyone else changing their plans?

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No, not changing my plans. Will budget more for gas.

I do hope you get to make your trip.
I thought Seattle was bad but Chicago is even worse! I am certain this will hurt MLB attendance this season and cause baseball fans to rethink their travels. I don't have any road trips planned this summer but the gas prices would make me fly for sure.

I have one little road trip planned, and just have to budget more for gas, as I will be going to Atlanta and the Smokies around the July 4th weekend! I considered using Greyhound, but their schedule just doesn't allow it, as I plan to go to a minor league game near Knoxville.

Gas in the Detroit area just hit $4.10, my trip this year is taking me to Pittsburgh which is about 41/2 hr drive for me. But the price is the price so forge on in the name of America's pastIme,not going to let that stop me.
Good for you, Aron! Enjoy your trip!


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