Looking for easy way to find when multiple teams are in town

I've been chasing with my teenage boys with the hope of finishing before they finish high school. We have completed 14 ballparks. We try to make weekend trips where we can attend more than one ballpark. We have completed many of the easy pairs but have several left (next one should be SF/Oakland), I love this site and ballpark guides have been great for planning our trips. I am looking for any tools or websites that help find when teams are in town at the same time? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I used to plan all of my trips the old fashion way, team schedules and a calendar, but the last couple years I have used "baseball roadtrip.com". It is very easy to use and so far has been spot on, I always double check the old way just to make sure this site is correct. Not all of the game times have been decided upon yet, but you can certainly get an idea on which trips would be possible this year. Just put in the teams you have not yet been to, which are somewhat close together geographically, and all of your options will come up. If you have any issues with this site, let me know and I can help you with any questions. One hint, make sure you adjust the "max days" from 10 to however many days you are able to travel, if not you will get a million different options for trips. Good luck and I hope this helps you and your boys.

Thanks Dustin, this is exactly what I needed! Looks like I'll be in the Bay area May 21st or Aug 13th



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