Public Transit Memorial and Labor Day Weekend Trips - 2017

Which MLB stadiums are well served by public transportation from 1) the closest major airport and 2) from the closest other MLB stadium?  ( I don't want to rent a car.)

I live in north Louisiana, so other than driving 3.5 hours to Globe Life Park in Arlington or 4.5 hours to Minute Maid Park in Houston, I'll have to fly somewhere to see a game (or two or three) on the weekend.  I'm trying to put together a trip over Memorial Day weekend and a trip over Labor Day weekend where I fly somewhere and go to at least two different stadiums all via Uber, subways, and/or short Amtrak rides.

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Thanks for the advice, Steven!  That could be one of the two trips.  

I'm also thinking about Indians/Pirates over Memorial Day weekend or Cubs/ChiSox/Brewers over Labor Day weekend, but not sure if either of those are doable without a car.

I relied heavily on public transit when I could. Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis have easy public transit between the airport and ballpark.

Tampa, Atlanta, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh aren't so easy. I was actually in Miami on Labor Day and their public transit was on a holiday schedule and ran less often. 

Thanks, David!  I've been to Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park, and Washington Park already (all via public transit), so I'm VERY interested in your other suggestions of Seattle, San Fran/Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.

Did you take public transit between any of these stadiums as part of a multi-park trip?

I went to the Bay Area on Memorial Day weekend a few years ago. I went to a game in Seattle on Saturday and arrived in San Francisco on Sunday. I took the BART to my hotel and walked to the game. On Memorial Day I took the BART to Oakland. You can take public transit to go from Wrigley to US Cellular. 

That sounds great.  Thanks for sharing your experience!

I live within 20 miles of both the Oakland Coliseum and ATT Park and have easily taken BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to both stadiums. There is a BART stop at SFO and a shuttle between Coliseum BART and Oakland Airport. The hotels suggested that are w/i 5 miles of the Coliseum aren't where I would stay if I were spending a weekend without a car. 

Last year I visited Chicago, Seattle, and San Diego. In San Deigo I stayed at the hotel that is connected to PetCo. The shuttle ride from the airport was about $10. There are plenty of other hotel options within walking distance of the park. With the exception of the ride to and from the airport, I walked or took public transit everywhere. A quick google search says you can take public transit from the airport. But, that includes a 15 minute walk which I wouldn't be inclined to do with luggage.

In Chicago and Seattle, I took public transit to Wrigley, US Cellular, and Safeco. I also took public transit to/from SeaTac and MDW

It sounds like I should check out Denver and Phoenix next.


We've been able to take some form of public transportation in NYC, baltimor, Philly, Oakland/San Fran, Chicago, Boston and DC.

For Coors and Target fields we didn't take public transportation, but stayed in walking distance of the stadiums. But I've used Denver's transit system in the past, and it's decent.

For LA/anaheim, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh we rented cars, they didn't really seem like a pedestrian friendly cities.

Thanks for sharing, Tova!  This is great information.

I live in LA and take the Expo train to Dodger stadium. 



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