Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the site.

I'm a Kiwi who currently lives in Sydney, Australia. My best friend and I are doing a trip through Canada and the US this July. I'm looking to fly into KC by myself around 1:30pm on Saturday to catch the Royals v Rangers game (HUGE Rangers fan).

Can anyone give me tips/information regarding getting to the park from the airport and where would be a good place to stay overnight? I plan to fly out to San Fran the following morning so just looking for somewhere safe to lay my head! Also haven't done a lot of driving on the right-hand side of the road so renting a car for the day isn't something I really want to do.

Also would love to meet up with any ballpark chasers heading to the game, I'll entertain you with my New Zealand accent!

Much appreciated


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Ali, Welcome to this wonderful group & site. I went to Sydney to see the 2014 MLB Opening Series with a number of ballpark chasers who I met there. We had a blast Down Under. Happy to hear you're coming visit North America this summer. Our summer LOL. If you plan to visit NYC, let me know. As for KC, the airport is 30 miles from the ballpark. I know some great people who live out there who may be able to help you. As for a hotel, there are a few within walking distance of the ballpark. I normally rent a car when I travel but in your case I totally understand. I was reluctant to drive when I went to Australia. I didn't when I was there. As for San Francisco, I'll let fellow ballpark chaser Tike Narry know you're coming. He lives near Oakland. He'll gladly show you around if he's available. If not, he'll guide you. I want to help make your visit as memorable as possible. Safe travels! Yours truly, Gary Herman

Hi, Ali!

Kansas City is definitely car friendly, but it can be done without one. There are several hotels that are across the Interstate which are within walking distance. You can get an airport shuttle from the airport to the hotel and then walk to the game. Another option would be to stay at a nicer hotel in the Westport or Plaza Area(the ones by the baseball/football fields are a little dated) and ask about a shuttle to the baseball game. I have stayed at the Plaza Best Western and taken the hotel shuttle to the game. That would give you a bit of a Kansas City experience as well. (The only city with more fountains is Rome, Italy.

The Negro League Museum in KC is really well done and an important part of baseball history. It would be difficult to reach by public transportation though and isn't within walking distance of the areas I have suggested that you stay.

Have a great time in KC!

Getting from the airport to the stadium isn't tough, but you will need a car. There is a hotel right across the street from the ballpark and you can just walk over from there. Can't recall the hotel chain, but it wasn't expensive.
All freeway driving from the airport to the stadium.
Go Rangers!

There is Drury Inn and Suites Kansas City Stadium that is just across the overpass. Easy walk from there. I visited Kauffman Stadium for the first time a few weekends ago. Like everyone mentioned you will need a car. Even Uber will be really expensive. I preferred to stay at a hotel near the airport that had a free shuttle back and forth to the terminal that way I didn't have to worry about getting up early the morning of my flight and navigating my way back to the airport and traffic. I even returned my car right after the game so it only cost me $25 for the rental plus gas and parking.



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