Hello All! We are planning our first BIG baseball trip in August - Cali to Denver for Giants vs Rockies, then Boston for Baltimore vs Boston, down to NYC for Phillies at Mets, then shipping back up to Boston for Detroit vs Boston on Labor Day!

This all started just as a trip to Boston...! Ha! We are trying to figure out the most economical/convenient (not sure if those two can be used together for this - ha!) way to travel from Boston to NYC.

Rent a car? Park at Citi Field - yikes! Or park and take some sort of transit? Or is there transit from Boston to Citi Field?

Train? $400 for Amtrak!

Directions by car or other form of transit ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Cathy--I took Megabus from New York to Boston and back and would gladly do it again. The buses are comfortable, at least as buses go, and from where the bus drops you off in NYC it's not too long a walk to a train station...and if you book it now you have a much better chance at a low rate...I paid $10 round trip...you cannot beat that!

You can work out the logistics of getting from the bus stop to Citi Field later, it's easy enough (and I can certainly help you with it), but I would definitely look into Megabus as soon as you can.

Thank you Kurt! Another option to check out. If we book now, the cost is $24.50 for all of us! I go on social media and start reading the comments people leave and the comments actually weren't that bad - in comparison to Bolt Bus and Peter (?) lines! I definitely don't want to be passed up, told the bus is full or just plain not picked up at all! Too bad Megabus doesn't go to Cooperstown! Lots to decide upon. Time to conference with the group - thanks Kurt!

Well I'm not one for public transportation Cathy or riding buses, but I have always been happy with Megabus. Surprisingly so I might add! Yes, four hours is a long time for a bus ride, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than Amtrak.

For Citi Field you can access the 7 Train (subway) from Grand Central or Times Square and take it right to Citi Field. If coming from Penn Station, which it sounds like you would be, you'll need to walk 8 blocks north to 42nd St or take the subway one stop.

FYI parking there isn't the issue so much as the traffic to get there since you'd be caught up in airport traffic (it's near both LGA & JFK).

If driving from Boston to Citi Field, in Queens, just take I95 south. It takes you within 3 miles of Citi and is easier than taking I90/I84/I91 etc. Cooperstown is about 5 hours from Boston, but is a must see if your out that way. It is a small town in the middle of nowhere, but a great experience.



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