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Read the ballparkchasers.com page re: lodging but looking for more feedback. Please don't judge or criticize but trying to find a hotel/lodging option that does NOT require using the subways. I know it's a tall order, just putting out feelers for suggestions from folks who know the area. We've been to 27 ( and 28 as of 4/23) ballparks and have walked to all except maybe six. It's part of our baseball ritual that we like.  NYY and NYM are the last of our 30 park quest.  :)

So, any suggestions for clean, safe hotels in walking distance to NYY or, maybe trains running south to the ballpark instead of up from Manhattan? We're staying at Holiday Inn by NYM for June 12 game but I'm told that's 30-45 mins by (two) trains to NYY.  Right now have the Opera House hotel bc they told me they are 20 mins walk to Yankees but someone else said def not, and we'll get lost in the Bronx. 

I love visiting NYC, have met great people willing to help,  just don't like the subways.  so thanks in advance for any suggestions. (If the subway is the only option, bc won't have a car, then looking for best places on near the 4 train up by the stadium.  THANK YOU!!!

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I personally would not stay near Yankee stadium. 

Have you considered staying along Metro North Hudson line? Not the subway, nicer, cleaner hotels and stops at Yankee Stadium.



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