With the 2011 schedule released has anyone began their planning for next year? Maybe I am since the Seattle Mariners are having a forgetful season.

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Hmmm...won't be finished by then...but I will put up a few helpful posts if I can.


Sounds like a great trip...hopefully I'll be able to do one like it!

hi Mike,


Are watching entire series for the trip?  That would be an awesome way to get the atmosphere of each ball park.


Will be catching games at 2 new parks this year, Phillies in April and the Rays in August.

Got my seats for 4/15 Brewers @ Nats, section 132L row r, stop by if you are in the park


Trying to get to Toronto this Summer to finish off the 30, but it might not happen

Just go for it Ed. I think Rogers is very underrated. And Toronto is a cool city.



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