I plan on visiting Angels Stadium and Dodger Stadium in 2018 with my wife.  Likely around Memorial Day time when I can catch both teams at home.  Never been to either stadium and want to catch more than 1 game in each.

Any ideas on where to stay, whether or not to rent a car, etc?  Ideally would like to stay in 1 hotel the entire trip but ok with staying one place for Angels games and then a different place for Dodgers games.  Similarly, no issues with renting car for part of trip only, entire trip or not at all.

Would like to do a small bit of sightseeing too (Walk Of Fame, Griffith Observatory, Rodeo Drive, etc.) as never been to LA but games are primary focus.

Anyone able to offer any advice?   It would be VERY much appreciated.  


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You mean 2019, correct?

Definitely rent a car--it's los angeles!

I would stay in Hollywood or downtown los angeles which gives you access to lots of fun stuff besides the ball parks  (By the way, Angels Stadium is close to Disneyland.)

All of the other touristy stuff that you mentioned is in or around Hollywood.  Look around for hotel deals and book now, if you can.


Yes, I meant 2019 :-) 

Thanks for the info.  Found a decent hotel in Hollywood.

I made that trip this summer.  I stayed in Anaheim near the park (and across from Disney) for the first part.  Its far from the tourist stuff you mentioned and although we planned to go to Griffith Park the traffic and drive time were too much.  We jumped out to Phoenix from Anaheim to catch that park too.  Its a six hour drive so we stayed there overnight.  Came back and stayed in Burbank.  Closer to the tourist stuff.  I would recommend the WB Studio tour highly.  Walk of Fame is ok but takes very little time. Same with Rodeo Drive.   Lake Hollywood Park is a good place to take a picture of the Hollywood sign.  The day game in Anaheim was really hot.  Before you buy tickets for day game in either park, check to make sure you are on the shade side or covered. 

It's LA so you need a car to get almost anywhere.  Plan for traffic no matter what time of day or night.  We rented a convertible.  Too hot during the day to go top down (mid august trip) but it was really fun to drive it at night to and from the games.  



Thanks.  Wasn't away that Walk of Fame and Rodeo Drive are quick to do.  Will check out Lake Hollywood Park too.  Appreciate the info.

I would suggest that you stay closer to LA, since the other sights that you are interested in are closer to LA (vs Anaheim). There are plenty of hotel options at various price points. Definitely rent a car to get down to Anaheim (about 30-45 minutes). As for getting to Dodger Stadium, I do not recommend driving there, unless you enjoy sitting in traffic for 2 hours! There is a Dodger Stadium Express bus from Union Station. Your game ticket is good for the fare.

You'll enjoy both stadiums! Have a great time!



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