Heading to Denver (#26) and on to Phoenix (#27) to finish up the National League West parks.  I am going to a day game at Coors Field and not sure how to dress for the game. I understand it can be warm during the day but cool at night, so I would appreciate any advice on this.  If there are any additional must-see, must-do recommendations (other than those listed in the chaser guide), I would appreciate those for Denver and/or Phoenix as well.

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I'm always cold, and the weather in Denver can change fast. We were at Coors in September - you didn't mention what month you were going. I think I wore a T-shirt and jeans with a hoodie to put on when when the sun went down. My husband wore shorts and a t-shirt. I don't think he wore his hoodie, but he brought it.

We haven't been to Chase, yet.

Thanks, actually headed there next week... looks like a day game should be plenty warm.

I grew up in Colorado...June should be great weather! Next week looks warm. If you get the chance, the National Ballpark Museum is a must see! Have fun!
Thanks! Definitely planning on going to the ballpark museum!!



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