Friends:  does anyone know which hotel the visiting team stays in when playing the Rockies in Denver?  We know it's usually the expensive one, but we try and stay where we can show our support for our home team!!

Also, any recommendations for seating selection??

Thanks for your input....

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I think it varies on the team. But always a 5-star hotel. The guides say that most teams stay at the Westin Tabor Center. Maybe you could call and ask?

Thanks.  Appreciate your advice.

Hi Joan! The Westin Tabor Center was confirmed as the most common away team hotel a few years ago. I haven't looked into it in a few years but that would be my best guess. 

Thanks.  Appreciate your advice.

No matter where you sit make sure you sit in the purple row in the upper deck for at least a couple of minutes. That row is a mile high.



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