Alright, I'm gonna sound like the guy who yells at kids to get off my lawn (and I'm only 34), but here goes.

Last night, I went to see my hometown Tigers take on the Indians.  It was a great game.  Good defensive plays, good pitching, and capped off by a Candelario walk off in the 12th inning.  Comerica Park continues to be one of the better ballparks in my opinion, as there really isn't a bad seat in the house and it's right in the heart of downtown Detroit.  So no complaints there.

But, at different times during the game, they had.... cheerleaders, I guess I'd call them?.... tossing T-shirts into the crowd, giving away lottery scratch off tickets, etc.  To me, this is one thing that made the NBA experience worse in recent years, the whole sideshow.  I don't remember this happening at Comerica Park before.  Is this being done in other stadiums now too?  I feel like it cheapens the experience.  

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I'm gonna sound like the guy who frowns upon the guy who yells at kids to get off their lawn, but here goes.

1. It does happen in other stadiums (I've been to 29/30)

2. I do not think it "cheapens" the experience personally

3. Given the fact that MLB teams kept doing this while it costs them money, the overall impact is likely more good than bad (otherwise they would've stopped. it's a business after all).

4. To me baseball is already a "cheap" experience. Often times you can spare a mere $10 to get in there, feel free to wander around the park during play, and just have a good time in general.

5. I guess we'll all have to live with things we don't like if it's part of the thing we like. Personally I think 99% of the walk up songs are terrible, but given the general education level of pro baseball players, I wasn't too surprised (



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