Does anyone have the Ballpark Passport?  Just trying to figure out if it is worth the $75.  Can pages be removed or added as ballparks close and open?  Is it current with the new stadium in Atlanta? 

Any responses would be appreciated.

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Hi Jeff,

I am an old timer who has been going to MLB games since 1972. I pass on the Ballpark Passport. Likely, because many of my favorite ballparks are gone. However, I like the idea of the Ballpark Passport. Therefore, I do something a little different. I had been diligent from the beginning and I had kept all my ticket stubs.  Decades later, with word processing software on computers, I have now created a binder outlining the games, stadium images, and the players I have watched. The cost is mostly my time, imagination, and a $3 binder from Office Depot. Also, I use the free app for my phone, MLB At the Park, and have entered all 1056 of my games. All of it is lot's of fun for me. This 2017 season, I often use the same At The Park app to gain entry into the stadium. High tech fun. 

Hope to see you early at the ballpark for batting practice,

Stuart Crane

Hey Jeff! I love my ballpark Pass-Port! Yes, it's a binder so it opens and pages can be added and removed as needed. They sell expansion packs when new ballparks are built. They are also adding baseball sites all the time (Negro League Museum, Field of Dreams, etc). I just got it a few years ago so it gives me an excuse to go back and see these ballparks again! Some ballparks will even backdate your stamp with a ticket stub.



MLB Ballpark Pass-Port Book


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