The question I have is do most count home teams visited or ballparks visited.  For me, doing this is about being at a ballpark I have never been at but I only count teams visited.  That way the goal is always 30.  I have been to Tiger Stadium but not Comerica but I count is as on of the 30 since I saw a Tigers home game.  In the same sense, I have been to Riverfront/Cynergy and GABP but I only count is once since it was the Reds home stadium each time.  Anyone else do this?

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Hey Aaron, I count ballparks visited.  I have been to Turner Field, but still need to get to SunTrust to completely fulfill by quest to change my number to 30.  I have now been to 29 current parks and 9 defunct.  I'm hoping to get back to Wrigley, Guaranteed Rate and Miller Park again this August, then finish things up next year in Atlanta to get my number to 30.  With the Rangers and A's (man do they need a new home) getting new parks in the next 5 years or so, there will always be new parks to see it seems.  Have a great summer, hopefully you get out to a couple of ball games.

Great question, Aaron! I would say most count ballparks visited but many count both. Sometimes you will see two numbers. For example, 16/20. The 16 represents how many active ballparks visited and the 20 is the total number visited, including retired ballparks. Personally, I only count active ballparks so never going over 30. This would also make your count decrease when a ballpark retires!  

I personally wouldn't count a team as visited until I've been to their current ballpark. I completed all 30 current ballparks last season. So once a team opens a new ballpark (most likely Tampa Bay or Oakland) I would then consider myself to have seen 29 (or 28) ballparks. I never got to see many older ballparks as it was because my parents had 4 of us and that's a costly vacation to go on.

I believe Texas Rangers are the next new stadium 2020 - saw it being built when I was down there for a game last month

I count any game played by two MLB teams as a ballpark visited.  For example, I just got back from Monterrey, Mexico for the Padres/Dodgers series last weekend.  Since those games count in the MLB standings I consider it a MLB park.  I hope to go to London next year to see the Bosox and Yanks.

My view is if you have been to 3 Rivers and PNC then you have been to 2 MLB parks.  I love to see games in new venues.  I have had a great time visiting all 30 current parks and 21 of their predecessors.  

Let's hope the A's and Rays get new parks soon!  



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