I am planning a visit to see the Dodgers at the end of August. Could somebody give some advice on where to stay and how to get to the park. I would be using public transport.

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I have been to Dodger stadium once, but I drove. When I travel to a location a good tool is google maps. Find a hotel near Dodger stadium from the Dodger Stadium Guide on this site, like the Knights Inn. Plug in the Knights Inn to google maps, get directions to Dodger Stadium. This will give you the driving directions. Press the bus icon to get the public transportation directions. I've attached a screen shot for this scenario. You can adjust the time by using the Leave now and Arrive by options. Opening up the Details will show you where to get the bus and how far you have to walk on each end of the trip. Hope this helps.


I just saw the Dodgers!  There is a shuttle that runs from near the Amtrak station up to the ballpark.  I didn't have my ticket yet, but the driver let me on free anyway.  If you search Dodger Stadium Express, you can find all the info. I stayed at the Metro Plaza Hotel, which was about a block away from the shuttle pickup/dropoff point.  It's not fancy AT ALL, but it was clean and quiet and very conveniently located.

Thank you for your help and advice.



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