Hey everyone, it's been awhile since i've posted here. With the all-star game coming up tomorrow in St. Louie, I thought I might share with you a my slide shows here from my trip to St. Louis in May of 2005 and August of 2006 of both old and new Busch Stadium. In '05, my buddy Josh and I had an opportunity to see our Dodgers do battle with the RedBirds in old Busch's last season and returned in '06 to see their rival Cubs in the new digs. I'm sure all of you have heard how great a baseball town St. Louis is but if you are a true baseball fan you really owe it to yourself to take in a game here and if you should be cheering for your own team that may be playing the home town Cards, it's all good because all those stories you've heard about Cards fans being some of the most hospitable in baseball really are true, heck, you'll probably find yourself talking baseball throughout the game with these fine folks. OK, without further delay, here are my slideshows of St. Louis, with pics from Busch Stadium, Busch Gardens, the Cards HOF museum, and oh yeah, I cant forget the Gateway Arch, amongst my many pics. Each slide show contains audio so if you want to view without the sounds, just click on the speakers to mute the sound. ENJOY !!!! And as always, comments welcomed !!!!

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Comment by Jack (6) on July 16, 2009 at 4:44pm
great slideshows Drei! It looks like you had a great time.


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