Hi Chasers,

I've been to 15 MLB ballparks and going on my annual trip this year. Would love to get some feedback from you all on which trip seems like best option for a 3-4 day trip. Maximizing my time so will see 2 ballparks. Flying from So Fla.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, KC and STL and Texas and Houston OR Seattle by itself.

Quick thoughts:

-I know the drive time from the 1st 3 options range from 3-5 hours in between cities so totally doable.

- If one of these trips from your personal experience blows others away, I'd love to hear about it and why. I trust this ballpark chasing community.

I'm open to suggestions, tips and opinions.

Thank you!


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Chris, thanks for the heads up on KC. Will look into Drury Inn if we opt for this itinerary.

Joe, I've been lucky enough to attend a game at Comerica Park and Progressive Field but have not done Pitt or Cin. Hence why my options for trips are STL and KC, PITT and CIN OR Seattle by itself. I've seen some dirt cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to PIT and out of CIN. Even a non-stop Delta flight at a perfect 9:30am from CVG to FLL. That may be what sways my decision to Pit/Cin. Easy in and out flight times and super affordable. Thanks for your input!


I've spent the last two seasons going to three cities in a weekend. I just went to the stadiums, so I can't provide a lot of city insight. I did Cincinnati after Cleveland and loved the stadium. I went to Minnesota on a Friday, Kansas City on Saturday, and then drove to St. Louis. I actually drove halfway on Saturday and stayed in Springfield that night. Both are good stadiums. I went to Colorado, then Texas and Houston. The stadiums were okay. I flew from Dallas to Houston. Flights are cheap. Seattle is a pretty good stadium and a fun city.

I prefer to do 2. I enjoy each city's culinary scene so I tend to research that more than the stadiums themselves and come to a comprehensive conclusion on where I want to go each year. Good tip on flying from IAH-DFW instead of driving. Would probably do that. Thanks

Southwest goes from HOU to DAL. That's who I flew.

Good call. Prob under $100 fare.

Hey Juan, I haven't been to the new ballpark in St. Louis, I was at the old one, but I have been to Kaufmann. Kaufmann is great and yes, try to stay at the Drury Inn as you can walk to the park. I too am doing Texas and Houston this year, so I can't help you there. I did a Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Chicago trip in 2103 and I definately suggest to go and see games in Pittsburgh and Cincy. Both ballparks are great, PNC is my favorite. The drive is also nice as you start your day driving through the "mountains". We did not really do anything other than go t the ball games when we went on our trip in 2013, so I can only tell you how I feel about the parks.

I've heard great things about PNC from EVERYONE so I definitely trust you there. Please report back on your Texas experience. I'd love to hear about it as it's still an option for me. Are you driving from Dallas/Arlington to Houston or flying?

I have only 6 more cities left to see games in, I hate it when teams build new ballparks!! So I am getting 3 off my to do list this June. Flying into Atlanta for 3 games against the Padres, my favorite team even before this off seasons moves, then flying to Dallas, driving to Houston and then back to Dallas to fly home. I assume you will have this years trip planned before I can get back to you, but I will for sure let you know about my drive so you can think about it for next year.

PS If you add an extra day you can hit Cleveland as well as Pittsburgh and Cincy, they are all pretty close. You may not be able to see the nightlife, but if it just ballparks you need,is an option.

No matter what you chose, have a great trip.

I did Detroit and Cleveland in 1 trip in 2013 but I haven't done CIN and PIT so that may be my next one if I don't opt for KC and STL. Have fun in Texas and I look forward to hearing about your experience there.

Dustin, Once you have seen all the current ballparks, you may find you love it when teams build new ballparks! Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a game at a new venue, plus it gives you an excuse to do some more sightseeing. I'm already looking forward to Atlanta in 2017, and am hoping MLB will finally play some games in Europe.

We are heading to STL on April 30th and then off to KC, then back to STL to knock those two off the list. Looking forward to the Q and Busch Stadium the most.

Logan, please share your experience when you get back, Also, some of the other guys on here have mentioned Drury Inn right near Kauffman. Are you staying there? I agree with you, Busch is something to look forward to. Coming from Miami, I'm not your typical South Florida sports fan. I sort of feel lost down here so I love going to cities like Boston, NY, STL and KC where fans are die-hard and don't waver. Let me know how it goes in KC/STL for you in April/May.



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