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What is a Ballpark Chaser?

ball•park•chase•r \ball-park chase-er \ –noun

1. a person with the life goal of seeing all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks. 2. a person who actively travels to Minor League and/or Major League ballparks. 3. a person that travels around the country seeing baseball stadiums. 4. a person who plans a vacation, business trip, honeymoon or any other reason for traveling around attending a Major League or Minor League baseball game. Also referred to as a Stadium Chaser.



What is is an Internet social network offering baseball fans a place to blog about ballparks, post pictures, travel suggestions and receive help on planning their next trip. Our mission is to provide baseball fans of all ages with a way to create an online scrapbook of their ballpark travel memories.



Why do some Ballpark Chasers have numbers next to their name?

Those Ballpark Chasers with the passion to see all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums are proudly displaying their current progress. Whether you have seen one ballpark, all 30 or something in between, show off your count by displaying the number next to your name. When you are logged in, go to “my page”, click on “settings” and edit your name so it lists the number of parks you have chased!



What are Chaser Guides?

Ever wonder what hotel to stay at or where to park while on your baseball trip? Do you want to know the best local restaurants and sports bars for a pre and post game meal? What about each ballparks top concession stands? Well, check out our 30 team Ballpark Chaser Guide to answer these questions and help plan your next baseball road trip. If you want to see anything featured about your hometown park, please email us your ideas at as we are constantly updating.



How can I see if other Ballpark Chasers are going to the same game that I am? Or how can I invite others to a game?

Have you ever went to the ballpark and wondered if other Ballpark Chasers were in the stands with you? Have you ever wanted an easy way to let others know that you will be attending a specific ball game? Using our Ballpark Meetups tool you can easily post your ballpark travels and invite others to meet you at the game.



What are the differences between forums and blogs?

That's a great and common question. A blog is a journal meant to either record ones thoughts privately, or with others. Members can only respond to your blogs with your permission. On the other hand, a forum is written with the intention to gain feedback from other Ballpark Chasers. This is the tool to use when needing a question answered, advice or to simply start a fun conversation.



Is it okay to respond and add my own comments to forums and blogs?

Absolutely! is a social network that was built to share thoughts, pictures, videos and ideas with baseball fans all over the world. If you prefer not to have your blog responded to nor seen, please select the privacy option when posting.



Can my friends join?

Yes! Use the “invite” tab on the top of the page for your invite to be automatically added as your friend. Please have your friend let us know that they heard about us through you. If we get enough referrals from you, we get happy and send you cool Chaser gear!



What are “teams” and can anyone create one?

Teams are groups of Ballpark Chasers with a similar interest. Think of it as your own website, within ours. Yes, you can create your own team! Simply click the “Team” tab, and click the “create a team” link.



How do I get my profile and/or blog featured on the homepage?

We try to feature the top 10 most active Ballpark Chasers on the homepage. The easiest way to become featured is by displaying a profile picture, blogging, adding pictures, creating a forum, commenting, etc. All blogs and forums will rotate through the homepage and the most visited and commented will stay.



I have a question, comment, concern or suggestion regarding

Sorry you didn’t find your answer here. Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we return home from the ballpark!


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