Hi Chasers,

I've been to 15 MLB ballparks and going on my annual trip this year. Would love to get some feedback from you all on which trip seems like best option for a 3-4 day trip. Maximizing my time so will see 2 ballparks. Flying from So Fla.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, KC and STL and Texas and Houston OR Seattle by itself.

Quick thoughts:

-I know the drive time from the 1st 3 options range from 3-5 hours in between cities so totally doable.

- If one of these trips from your personal experience blows others away, I'd love to hear about it and why. I trust this ballpark chasing community.

I'm open to suggestions, tips and opinions.

Thank you!


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Hi Everyone, thanks to all of you for your input on my discussion thread. I had CIN/PIT and SEA ahead of STL/KC several weeks ago but after a lot of positive feedback about the STL/KC trip, I decided to go for it! Now have PIT/CIN as my next trip but after putting some feelers out there on flights and hotel, it was an easy decision. Heading to STL on July 23rd for 2 nights. Then to KC for a night and staying at Drury Inn or Four Points by Sheraton in KC. Looking forward to the trip in July! Thanks again folks!

Hey JGR, have you considered also going to Cleveland? I checked the schedules, and the following is doable: Start in Cincy on Monday June 8, 7:10 start time vs. the Phillies, drive to Pittsburgh on Tuesday June 9 for a 7:05 game vs the Brewers, then drive to Cleveland on Wednesday June 10 for a 7:05 game vs. the Mariners. There is even a Business Mans Special on Thursday June 11 in Cleveland with a 12:05 start time. You'd practically have the place to yourself! Or, you could drive south 2 1/2 hours on Thursday to Columbus (my hometown) and take in a AAA Clippers game Thursday night. Fly back out of Columbus Friday, and have a great week.

Hi Joe, I went to Cleveland and Detroit on a 3 day weekend in 2013. I will do Cincinnati with Pittsburgh in 2016.

I just joined BBC yesterday, so want to add my thoughts. My son and I are planning a multi-city road trip from May 14-21, 2015. I found a really cool website that not only calculates the teams, dates and schedules, but you can link directly to MLB.com to get team info and/or tix. It also gives you many scheduling options like swapping out nearby games and flipping direction (i.e. E to W and W to E) Here is the URL...


We COULD have done 9 teams in 9 or 10 days, but scaled it back to 5 teams/cities in 7 days. As is, we're doing a west to east swing...KC, STL, CIN, PIT, DET, with possibility of adding Toledo Mud Hens. Let us know if you're at any of those games and we can meet up?

PS: I work at Miller Park in case any of you will be visiting Milwaukee this year.

Hi Bill,

Most of us in the Ballpark chaser community use Baseball-Roadtrip.com. I have used it for several years already and it's a MUST for trip planning. I definitely need to do the Chicago/Milwaukee run. I don't think I can pull it this year because besides KC/STL, I am probably doing SD/LA/Anaheim in June since I'll be in SoCal for work and they are all playing home games that week. When I do visit Miller park, will sure to let you know.


Bill, if you can squeeze the Toledo Mud Hens game in, I highly recommend it. I took the family to see them this past summer as we did a short minor league baseball tour of Ohio and Indiana. We really enjoyed the Mud Hens game. Good luck.

I've only been to Seattle/Texas so I don't know much about the others. I would love to go to Kansas City someday, likewise with Pittsburgh/Cincinnati.

The atmosphere at Safeco is just superb. I might be a homer, but nothing matches it elsewhere to me. If you sit on the upper deck, you'll get sweet views of downtown and Elliott Bay. The passion here isn't like your normal Red Sox game, but it's a different kind of passionate, the laid-back type. Now that the Mariners are starting to get back to being competitive, you could be in luck for a far more lively one. If we're all lucky enough, you'll get crowds like those at Seahawks games, although of course, relatively more calmer, but still pretty vocal. The Mariners Hall of Fame, while small since we don't have many greats, is also something you might wanna check out. The food options here are also very diverse, and there's a ton to do in Seattle, from Pike Place Market to the Space Needle to Gas Works Park.

I've been to Globe Life three times since I have family in the DFW Metroplex. My favorite thing about Globe Life is probably the food, it's very Texan in nature and expect lots of good choices to find. The atmosphere is good, I personally find Safeco's better because sometimes the Texas heat can wear me out, maybe it's just me. I have gotten lost here though, so that's why it might not have been enjoyable for me since it's so spread out. There's also not really much to do in the DFW area that you can do in Seattle, also from a subjective standpoint. Maybe Six Flags over Texas, if that's your thing, go for it. At least check out Legends of the Game before a Ranger game though if you plan to do the Texas trip. I have never been to Houston so I can't give you my two cents on that.

I'd do just Seattle. You can do a lot in the city enough for two game days because it has both the better game day experience and the local area, just from my subjective standpoint. I see you're from South Florida, I happen to be going there this July. Mind telling me about the Miami area? Really excited to go!

Hey Zach,

South Florida is enormous so if you're coming to Miami, I can offer tips. Otherwise, Fort Lauderdale and WPB aren't my areas of strength. July is scorching hot down here but that's why we have fantastic beaches.Where do you plan on staying?


Juan G. Ruiz, any parking tips for Marlins stadium? I don't want to walk far after the game with my son and concerned about how the cops might route traffic afterwords. Can't always trust the exit traffic plan will match your GPS. We're staying in Miami Beach so after the game need easy access to 836 E

i just did kc last june, as i had to route through kc airport to get to northern arkansas for a convention, i stayed at the four points sheraton, which i believe was the drury?, walked right across a roadway to the stadium, and i highly recommend jack stacks barbecue in the old freight house at union station, i liked it so much i ate there on my way back through kc to fly home to ny. there is a great app for foodies called urban spoon, its free and it's got great info on restaurants in a lot of cities. i too did a cinc-pitt trip last year, i hooked them together even though pac was a repeat visit, mainly because it was so much cheaper to fly to pittsburgh from ny, and rental cars were half the price. pnc is my favorite park of them all so far anyway.

Definitely doing Jack Stacks and looking at the Sheraton and Drury Inn (different hotels) as my place of lodging for 1 night. I've used urbanspoon in the past, good app. I keep hearing PNC is best park. Will save it for next year. Thanks for your feedback, Gary.

Glad to hear the Drury is now a Sheraton. It was so old, so unappealing. We actually changed hotels the second night.



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