Hi Chasers,

I've been to 15 MLB ballparks and going on my annual trip this year. Would love to get some feedback from you all on which trip seems like best option for a 3-4 day trip. Maximizing my time so will see 2 ballparks. Flying from So Fla.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, KC and STL and Texas and Houston OR Seattle by itself.

Quick thoughts:

-I know the drive time from the 1st 3 options range from 3-5 hours in between cities so totally doable.

- If one of these trips from your personal experience blows others away, I'd love to hear about it and why. I trust this ballpark chasing community.

I'm open to suggestions, tips and opinions.

Thank you!


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Hi Juan, I plan on staying around the beaches. I hear Marlins Park is in the Little Havana neighborhood so I'm wondering if that's a way from there. Still looking for something affordable to stay around the beaches.

We're at 17 parks, including Wrigley, Fenway, AT&T, PNC...some of the best. STL is one of, if not THE best baseball cities in the country. Stadium is very nice, it's not Fenway but nothing is, right? The light rail is super easy to use and many hotels downtown, too. We also did KC last summer and loved it. It's in the middle of no where so book early if you want to be at one of two hotels in walking distance. Otherwise, drive and park. It's not a new, fancy stadium but it's pure to the spirit of the game. PNC is one of our favorites, bc shooting hot dogs from air guns isn't the coolest thing ever! Sit upper decks on the first base line for a view to the river. Cincy has a fantastic "baseball city" all around the ballpark. Plenty of places to hang out pre-game. We enjoyed the Reds museum tour but stadium tour was average. STL stadium tour was great, very informed tour guide, lots of tradition to share. Heading to TX this summer but I def vote for the midwest+PNC itinerary.

Hi Jennifer, we had already booked KC&STL several months ago so heading there in July. We are taking the light rail from airport to downtown hotel and walking to stadium and around area. At our hotel there is a Enterprise rent-a-car so we'll rent it for the drive to KC and drop off in KC. Staying at Drury for 1 night. Won't matter much if not a great hotel stay but reviews say it is a nice stay. Going to Padres, Angels and Dodgers next week as I'll be in SoCal for a conference and ALL 3 SoCal teams are actually playing HOME GAMES during June 1-5 so will make it 20 stadiums after KC-STL in July. 20 out of 30 ain't too shabby. =)

After this trip, I'll opt for the CIN/PIT trip for sure as I really want to visit Pittsburgh.

Thanks for your feedback and have a blast in Texas!



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