Allright so I'm planning my road trip for next summer based on the tenative scheldue.  I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be.  I want to get three routes starting at the beginning of the season and three routes starting in June.  The first route is to start in Detroit go east circle around and end in Detroit.  The second route is to start in Detroit head west circle east and end in Detroit.  The 3rd is to start in Seattle head down the west coast bringing it east ending in Detroit.  I have been able to finish one possible route today.  I start it at the beginning of the season in Detroit and head east.



April 5th-Detroit

April 6th- Cincinnati

April 7th-Pittsburgh

April 8th-Cleveland

April 9th (Rock and Roll HOF)

April 10th (Niagara Falls)

April 11th-Toronto

'April 13th- Boston

April 14th- Philly

April 15th Yankees

April 17th Washington

April 20th Mets

April 24th Baltimore

April 26th Tampa

April 27th Miami

April 28th Atlanta

May 1st St. Louis

May 3rd Kansas City

May 5th Houston

May 7th Arizona

May 8th San Diego

May 9th LA Dodgers

May 14th LA Angels

May 16th San Fran

MAy 21st Oakland

May 24th Seattle

May 28th Colorado

May 30th Texas

June 1st White Sox

June 3rd Milwaukee

June 4th- June 9th Detour in Winnipeg

June 10th Minnesota

June 12th Cubs

June 15th Detroit


This is just a rough draft.  I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to try to plan this. I think about 2 1/2 months is just about the perfect amount of time!    Do you think you guys can do any better?

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April games in the east may be pretty cold - I know you want to get going, but you might want to stay south for the first month - Florida, Atlanta, Texas, Arizona - or else just postpone the schedule for a month or so. However, I assure you that I already have trip envy!
looks awesome.  have fun!  i'll buy ya a beer when you make it to Seattle.

I see what you are trying to do but this is unrealistic and you are going to be spending too much time detouring across the country.There is no reason to go Boston - Philly - NY - Washington- back to NY - back to Baltimore in the busiest driving corridor in the country This is why you need to break your trip into seperate segments.

Are you going to be using your own car for all portions? Or could you break this into seperate segments?

mid- late April - go South. Atlanta - Tampa - Miami. Do not try the NorthEast as it may be cold and rainy...I would probably fly into Miami and drive to Tampa. Then fly to Atlanta from Tampa.

May - I would start with the Southwest portion (Texas, Houston, Phoenix) then head to the West Coast (San Diego thru Seattle). Hit Denver (probably after your Winnipeg detour) then to Minn - Milwaukee to Chicago - ST Louis - KC)

From KC, I would head to DC - Baltimore - Philly - NY - Boston - Toronto-Pittsburgh - Cleveland - Cincy - home to Detroit. Again, if you are planning on just renting a car, fly KC to DC, as you won't need a car from DC thru Boston. Amtrak / buses are much cheaper and reliable than driving in this area.

This would depend on the schedule (Id try to add days off to get the cities in this order) but I think it would be less backtracking - especially in the NE where traffic can be a logistical nightmare.


IF you want your car for the majority of the trip, I would still do the Southeast portion of the trip a different time as they are not close to the rest of the stadiums and a lot of excess driving. Then head back to Detroit and do a circuit of the remainder from there.

The whole point of this trip is to spend a couple months road tripping.  I haven't figured out the whole car thing just yet but its in the works.  I explain my reasons for doing this in one of my first blogs on this site.  If I have to miss a game do to rain out or traffice I'll just fly back out there once the trip is over.  This trip is just as much about seeing the US as it is seeing all 30 ballparks!

RJ, I definitely understand that and wish I could do the same thing. But the I-95 corridor b/w Boston and DC) is not seeing the US and is quite miserable. Trying to get to these stadiums in order with maybe a few days off within your original plan will allow you to see more (ie stay a couple extra days in DC, or stop in Cooperstown on this trip). That was more of what I was trying to stress. The biggest thing would be to not hit the NorthEast in April due to the overall crappy weather (1 April storm could wipe out the first 2 weeks of your trip_ and mid-April is also the busiest week of the year in DC due to the Cherry Blossoms Festival /  School vacations.



A pretty expensive trip. Good luck.
Cinco de Mayo in Houston?  Hit me up when you're here.  If you have bought tickets to the game, I'll spot you a ticket.  Anything for a fellow chaser!

I say, sounds good.  Have fun and ENJOY! :)



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