After a year off, I am excited to revisit some parks this season, starting in April with a trip to DC, Baltimore and Philly.

Anyone have advice how best to hit a Baltimore night game on mass transit, while staying in a hotel in D.C.? Or should I plan on renting a car?


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Eric, renting a car is really your only option. MARC does not run late enough for night games. The other option would be to spend the night in Baltimore. 3 great stadiums and 3 great cities. Enjoy this trip. Ive done it a few times now.

Blech. OK thanks so much.

Check the MARC website to make sure. I agree that it's disappointing and they really should have an "Orioles Express train" (have it leave from Camden Station - adjacent to the stadium, rather than Penn Station) to DC from Baltimore. But then again the Orioles fought the existence of the Nats in the first place...This is a horrible area to drive in and extra expense.

I might take the train and then stay over in Baltimore instead of heading back to DC.

I agree with Tim’s comments. Getting from downtown DC to Camden Yards via mass transit is not easy. I have done it before by Amtrak [Union Station to Baltimore] and light rail from Baltimore Penn Station to the ballpark. Alternately if you rent a car and stay in Baltimore [or anywhere else] you don’t have to drive all the way to Nationals Park. You could consider parking at the Greenbelt Metro station and taking the Green Line straight to the ballpark.

Staying at the Hilton right outside Camden Yards is incredibly convenient; however IMO driving in and out of an Orioles game is really easy to navigate. That may open up your hotel options a bit.

Thank you!

That works. Depending on your budget, look at the Hilton right next to Camden Yards, Perfect location.

Thank you!

Sounds like a great trip, Eric! I am jealous. Are you taking a day of in between in case of weather issues?

Probably not. Looking at DC-Baltimore-Philly on consecutive days. There's room for a little flexibility if necessary, but hoping not to need it. April can be a dangerous month! I haven't been to Baltimore or Philly ballparks in at least a decade and really want to revisit!

Additional question: is the Babe Ruth Museum worth the time?

I think it is. It's right there and worth it. Check to see if renovations are still ongoing though.
For a pregame bar look at Pickles.



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