it's shaping up to be an excellent year for baseball travel, it's denver on 6/14/12. a visit to coors field followed by the royal gorge railroad and the georgetown loop railroad. baseball and trains, 2 things i dearly love to photograph. then in july it's a real airport road warrior type trip, 7/27/12 fly ny to milwaukee for a game that night, next day 7/28/12 fly milwaukee to minneapolis for a game that night, followed by 7/29/12 flight home to ny. although it's not as tough as it sounds at first read, none of the flights are before 10:00 am, and home is the longest at 2.5 hours, plus 1 hour time jump ahead, still home for supper. and because i've been taking on extra work this winter the ball budget will have enough for a trip in august to cincinnati. giving me a 4 park boost towards the 30 goal. if anyone has any suggestions for these trips let it fly, unfortunately there's a little more rental car involved than i would like but i'm still able to accomplish much of this by mass transit.

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Besides the Denver trip where else are you getting a rental car. The airport in Milwaukee is close enough where mass transportation is not an issue. Minneapolis has an excellent small rail system that goes from the airport out to Target.

Let me know how else we can help

I have been fortunate and have added 2 more trips with 3 more parks, 5/5/12, fenway, by train then 5/18-11 fly to cleveland, 5-19/12 fly to Detroit, then 5/10/11 am flight home to Ny. And all that is in and out of JFK, a transport homerun for me. I have decided to attempt to redo some of the parks i have no photos from, since i want to have a complete set of each park for my website and flickr stream
Rental cars for milwaukee and detroit



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