My 13 year old son and I are planning our August 2014 summer ball park road trip. Leaving from Providence RI. Looking at about 8 days:

Pirates Mon - Aug 11, 2014
Indians Tue - Aug 12, 2014
Tigers Wed - Aug 13, 2014
Cubs Thu - Aug 14, 2014 (Day game.. time to explore Chicago)
White Fri - Aug 15, 2014
Cardin Sat - Aug 16, 2014

Hit Louisville Slugger Museum and Williamsport on the way home..

Pirates are having fireworks Saturday 8/9 I might start the trip a few days earlier and catch those.. I hear they are very good. That will leave us a free day to walk around Pittsburgh and do the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Option 2, for sure. I'm a big fan of baseball trips that make it easy to keep loving baseball.

Kristen.. I couldn't agree more. Big believer of KISS. Thank you for your reply.

I will amend the post to include only option 2.

Although I've never been to Pittsburgh, I've heard from many that not only is the stadium a great place, but that is city is as well, and you'll want time or days to explore, so definitely leave earlier and enjoy Pittsburgh. And I have been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and highly suggest it. It was so great to see, hear, visualize all your favorites. What about Cincinnati? Have you already been there or why is that not along your route?

Lisa... Thank you for the reply. Cincinnati plays during the first half of the trip so I would have to leave PNC and drive 250 miles to GABP then back north to Cleveland, about a 500 mile trip just to catch one game. With a 13 year old, I think I am best to try to keep the route the most direct way possible and break it up with stops along the way. We could however maybe hit the GABP on the way home and do a tour or see the Reds museum.

Sounds like fun. Have fun and be safe. Make sure you let us know how it all went. My granddaughter and I headed to the West Coast in June.

If you haven't gotten your seats already then I suggest you sit just a bit toward the left of home plate (no matter what level) in StL to get the full skyline (Arch) effect. When in StL we always sit right down behind home plate but I think the best seats (for full visual experience)are a level or two up.

In Pittsburgh you'll want to sit a bit left of home plate as well to get the full visual experience. Sections 115-120 and higher up are great. If in the lower section be careful of sitting too far back. The section above will cut off site lines to some fly balls. PNC is a nice park but just a bit overrated in my opinion (I've heard many say that it's the best ballpark in baseball). I was surprised by how small the concourses were. When the game is sold out you barely have room to move on the concourses.

Thanks for the heads up on St Louis.. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 2/28 at 10am so I will shoot for a bit left of home plate. I went with buying tickets for Pirates already for the 8/9 and the 8/10 games. Went with section 318 first row which is 2 sections to the left of home plate for both games. I actually prefer sitting up high and trying to grab the first row of the section. Tickets tend to be cheap, there is often a rail I can steady my camera on, and the over all view of the field, the backdrop, and the park as a whole is often outstanding. If anyone has any suggestions for Cleveland, Detroit I would appreciate them. As for the cubs, I am just hoping we will get something affordable.. again, shooting for behind home plate and high.



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