Baseball Trip 2016: Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Kodak - any tips on what NOT to miss?

Our 2016 baseball trip will have us in Birmingham, AL on 8/3, Atlanta on 8/4; Chattanooga on 8/5 and Kodak, TN on 8/6 so we will get to see Turner Field in its last season as the home of the Braves and a whole bunch of AA baseball.

The group will be me and my boys (15 and 13) along with my brother-in-law and my nephew (11). We plan to visit Rickwood Field in Birmingham and my boys are hyped about The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta because one of their friends went and told them you can drink an unlimited amount of pop. We are also planning to hike Stone Mountain.

Otherwise, we are hoping there might be suggestions for other things to do, especially in Chattanooga or Kodak - home of the Tennessee Smokies (whether baseball related or not).

Also, any suggestions for local beers not to miss, things to see/try at each ballpark or a pregame dinner spot that is close to each park?

Any help would be appreciated and would be worth a beer on me should you happen to be at any of these same games!

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The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga used to be one of my favorite places to go. In Birmingham, you can also go to the Hoover Met, the ballpark the Barons played in for 20 years, made famous by Michael Jordan.

Thanks Jeff!  Looks like we have a couple of suggestions for the aquarium.  My younger son loves penguins and it looks like they have two varieties.  Sold!

There is a brewery right across the street from the new Barons stadium. The parking near the Barons is not too bad either. There are plenty of lots around the stadium. Rickwood Field is a gem. You should be able to go and walk around. Rickwood has two walls so make sure you walk around the outside to see the old concrete outfield wall. If nothing is going on, you can even play catch with the boys.
World is Coke is a treat. You can try unlimited soda as part of the tour. Beverly is a soda made by Coke. It tastes horrible. I always told my kids it was great to pull a joke on them. The College Football Hall of Fame is right across the street. So that may worth a visit for you too. The Atlanta City Pass is a good deal but you may not have enough time for all of it. The Aquarium in Chattanooga is great too!!! It’s really not too far from the ballpark and they used to have a trolley that ran up to the ballpark.
Sweetwater is a local beer that has a good following around Atlanta. I like the regular beer but they have a lot of different flavors. They also have a brewery and a tour. Sweetwater is also served at Turner Field. The Varsity is an icon around here, so you may want to try it before the game. There is really not a good place to eat around the stadium. But you can bring a soft sided cooler in the stadium if you need to. Just has to fit under the seat.
Turner Field is pretty neat, especially for the younger ones. Get there early so you can get a good spot to catch BP. It’s a hitter’s park so heads up. The Braves museum is a good deal for 2 bucks. You can also go to the Sky Field and let the kids run on the base path. It’s mostly for the little kids but still neat to see.
The parking lot across the street was the site of the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. It has the place where Aarons 715 went out. You can get your parking pass with your tickets. I would recommend that instead of finding a lot. The Blue Lot is the closest to the stadium. Scouts Alley is cool too. Interactive games where you can pitch and hit. Hope you have a great time. If you need more information, I will be glad to help you out.

Thanks Jett!  Looks like you are referring to Good People brewery?  I will definitely have to stop in there.  And thanks for the tip regarding prepaid parking in the blue lot - I knew we wanted to stop and see the part of the wall that was preserved and now we'll be able to park right near it.

This sounds like a great trip you have planned! Ruby Falls in Chattanooga is definitely something thing to see if you're looking to spend the day in Chatanooga. The tour takes you through an underground cave with a waterfall. Enjoy your trip!

What a blast from the past!  I remember going through Ruby Falls as a kid on the way back from a Florida road trip.  I bet my boys would love that.  Thanks Thomas!



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