So I'm thinking about planning a trip to go see the Blue Jays/Red Sox in Boston Sept 7-9, 2012 but I have a few questions. 

First of all is there any chance I could get tickets on the Green Monster for one of those games? How would I even go about that? I'm guessing even if theres any on sale on ticketmaster they must sell out quick. 

I'm a die hard Blue Jays fan, I'm not to worried about getting chirped or whatever else wearing my gear in Fenway/around Boston, but what if I were to get tickets on the Green Monster? Is that something to avoid? I really don't wanna get in any kind of physical altercation at the game, I just wanna watch baseball...


Any advice on where to stay? Somewhere preferably walking distance but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg either, I'll be going with 1-3 other friends and we're all university students. We realize Boston isn't cheap so we were planning to budget around $1500 for everything for a 5 day trip (flight, hotel, tickets, food/beer money), is that a reasonable budget?

Thanks for any help.  

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They sell ouut within minutes of going on sale. You will have to buy from Stubhub or Ace Tickets at a premium.


You shouldnt have a problem wearing Jays stuff on the Monster. Just have a parachute on in case someone throws you off...Just kidding, no problems as its generally not a rough area due to ticket prices.


Your budget is very low as that is high season for hotels in Boston due to # of colleges, holiday weekend, etc. That being said, if you use Priceline, you can get good deals. Look at Hotel Commonwealth - right down the street from Fenway. Don't stay outside of the city as it requires too much time going in.

My husband, son and I went to Boston this past August. It was our first visit there. We stayed for 5 days and had an amazing time. We had standing room only tix on the Green Monster and paid $35 per ticket through the Red Sox website. What I did was sign up on their website to receive notices like when tickets went on sale and any promos they had. So plan ahead of time and buy your tickets the day they go on sale. We paid face value for our tix and avoided going through a 3rd party vendor.($52 for field box seats and $35 for the monster tix) We bought the field level seats the day they went on sale, which was in Jan. They held a random drawing to have an opportunity to buy Green Monster tickets at a later date. So I entered and my friend entered. I didn't get chosen, but he did, so he bought the tickets for me. Priceline is a good place to search for hotels. Try and stay near an MBTA stop as that definitely helps to get around.(besides walking) Hope this info helps!

You guys should rent a hotel room from the Best Western in Waltham, Ma-would only be $236.00 total for the two nights($118 a night is decent).  Green Monster tickets will run you and arm and a leg-they are about $300-$450 per ticket online-and that is low rate.  You guys are better off buying grandstand tickets or rf bleachers.  Are you guys renting a car-or are you taking transportation everywhere?  $1500 is for everyone? This trip is minimum $750 per person-extreme savings mode might get you down to $500-$600 but you will be eating at McDonalds. Tickets should cost you about $150-200 for the three games, food will cost you $75 per day in Boston so that's $225, transportation wont be bad with 3-4 ppl, maybe $50 each for car-or taxis.  The hotels would cost about $6o per person total for the two nights.  Where are you flying in from?
You receive a free continental breakfast as well.  You guys should rent a car if there is four of you.  Bidding on Price-line for a car is good.  You can actually park a mile up the road from Fenway for about $10 on 808 commonwealth ave.  It is a lot reserved for students most of the time but has game day parking-not many people know about the location.  here is the link for that hotel.  Are you from Edmonton, AB?  Your plane fares will be $500-600 for  RT if that is the case.


Thanks everyone, theres some helpful information here!

No, the $1500 budget would be per person, and there would be at least 2, hopefully 4 of us going. Yes we are from Edmonton and we'll be flying out of here. At this point I don't think we'll be renting a car as we will all be 21. I know in Canada there's a few companies who will rent to 21 year olds but from what I understand you generally have to be 25? Personally walking distance for me is about 30 minutes, I know my friends are much more lazier then I and would probably prefer to cab/rent a car haha. But thanks I'll definitely sign up on the Red Sox site and hopefully get a chance to get tickets from them


I think $1500 is very reasonable for a 5 day trip to Boston. But what I'm going to do is break it down as to what is the best route for accomodation, tickets, food/beer, and taking a tour around Boston.


There is a youth hotel, I believe the Boston YHA, just a few blocks down where you and your friend could stay relatively cheap. The last time I checked it was about $50 bucks per person for a shared dorm. Also I believe they had free breakfast as well, an added bonus. So If you chow down on the breakfast you might be able to reduce your food costs.


Tickets on the Green Monster are overrated because, for the most part, that's where the non-local fans want to sit. If you sit in the grandstand or the bleacher seats is where most if not all of the local fans are where they will want to party with you. I sat in the grandstand right along the left field fence and the seats could not have been better. Plus the hot dog and beer guys come like every 2 to 3 minutes early in the game. 


Travelers at the youth hostel will tell you where to go. End of story.

Traveling in Boston:

DON'T BRING YOUR CAR. You won't need it unless you plan to go to the neither regions of New England. The old Boston tour that you can do on your own may, at the most, cost you 15 bucks to see all the sights. 

Let me know how else we can help you

You are going to LOVE Fenway Park!  I thought I wasn't going to care for the Green Monster seats at all, but having sat there twice, I'm so glad I had the opportunity.  The way you see the ball coming off the bat is terrific and the view of the park is very sweet.  You miss a few plays in left and center field, but totally worth it.  Doubtful you'll be able to get them at face value at this point.  Lucky for you, the Sox aren't having a great season, so tickets on Stubhub or other sites can be found for less money than in previous years.  You could always do standing room or take a tour of Fenway where most likely you will get to go atop the Monster.  BTW, a new youth hostel has opened in Boston.  I would not recommend staying in Waltham, although the price is great.  Good luck!



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