My team the Tribe are playing in St. Louis and Kansas City pretty much a week apart at the end of June and the beginning of July.  I'm planning a trip to both of those places and would love some advice on where to stay, what to see and game day festivities.  I'm a social studies teacher so my interests are pretty diverse.  Thanks!

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In St. Louis, there are a ton of great hotel options within walking distance.  While it is no Wrigley-Ville, the whole area has one of the best game day scenes.  We did the obligatory visit to the arch.  The museum at the base of the arch has material that may appeal to your Social Studies teacher side, including a nice Lewis and Clark documentary, exhibits about westward expansion, and some pieces about the arch's construction.  The old courthouse, near both the ballpark and the arch, is where the Dredd Scott case was tried. I wish I had more to offer for restaurants,etc. You really can't go wrong with the ballpark village across from the ballpark.

Kaufman, doesn't have much to offer in the immediate area.  I've heard others say good things about the tailgate experience, but I wasn't impressed.  I'm from Milwaukee, though, so my tailgate standards are pretty high.  I recommend a game day of lunch at Jack Stack BBQ, and a trip to the Negro League Museum. 

While in St Louis there's plenty to do. Ballpark Village is highly recommended, right now their phase 2 construction is going on which won't be completed for a couple years. Lacledes Landing which is judt north of the arch grounds has several bars amd also hosts the old spaghetti factory which is one of the best eating places in the city. About 2 miles south of the ballpark is the AB Brewery which has free tours daily (with complimentary beer samples as well). Also a few blocks south of the ballpark is Soulard which has some nice establishments to eat and or drink at as well. Paddy O's is pretty loud after games which is a short walk from the ballpark on the other side of I 64. The city museum is really neat as well. If you're looking for amazing Italian food the hill district is one of the best in all of the state and not too far from downtown. There's plenty of close parking available too (including a $10 garage on clark that's only a few blocks west of busch). Also metered parking is free on the weekends and on weekdays after 7pm. Don't forget to try some Ted drewes for dessert and visit the zoo if you have a few free hours, it's free and located in forest park where the worlds fair used to be held.

Kansas City really only has 3 hotels within walking distance, after that you're looking at a 5 mile drive minimum for a decent hotel. There's not much at all around the ballpark but if you head the 7 or 8 miles to downtown you'll have your pick of things. Even closer is the negro leagues museum which is a must at the 18th and vine district. Prior to that try some arthur bryants bbq which from the stadium is on the way to the negro leagues museum. A little further out but definitely worth the drive is the best bbq in KC at a place called joe's. The line is always out the door but the wait with that is still 20mins max. And as always well worth the wait. Jack stack is phenomenal and there's one at the country club plaza which boasts several specialty shops as well. If you're a college hoops fan visit the college basketball hall of fame at the sprint center and right across the street from the power and light district, which is ballpark village before ballpark village but without the stadium.



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