So the other day we started planning our California Baseball Road Trip. Here's what we got do far lined up.

1 Week in California. June 21-29
Start our journey from New York City to San Francisco on Saturday and end on the following Sunday returning to New York City from San Diego. The plan is to fly to San Francisco and drive down highway 1 first stop along the way Oakland then start to drive down the coast. Our next city will be Los Angeles spend two days then pack up again and continue and finish our drive in the beautiful sunny San Diego. Anyone ever done this or part of this with advice on cheap but good hotels in each city they would recommend. Any other words of wisdom will help too.

Thanks. Vince and Kriss

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There are garages where you can park or there are parking lots.  In the lots where I have parked, you get a ticket when you enter then when its time to leave, it reads the tickets so you could park there all day and for the game.  I believe parking for the game was $15 (but it was a few years ago so it could have increased)

Thank you.  I do not know why this is bugging me, but....  I appreciate your help and look forward to a great time.

There is really nothing to worry about.  There is a lot of parking within the Gaslamp (in terms of pay lots and garages).  Plus it is a fun area to walk around with a bunch of little stores and restaurants.  Enjoy it.  Everything is well marked around there and easy to find.

Thanks Tim.  We are in the process of making a banner to take with us.  I think it will be made from cloth so we can store it easier while travelling.   Make one banner with all 30 parks and then check off the ones we have already been to.  Afterwards we can frame it.

You can park at the convention center which will run you $15, however since its an early game you may be able to drive around downtown and find free parking on the street a short walk away from the stadium.

Take a full day to enjoy the drive on Highway 1 it amazing. It will cheer you up after seeing how bad Oakland's Stadium is. I stayed in Berkley hotel was half of what it was to stay in SanFran only took a few minute by rail to get to both stadiums. As for LA and San diego no idea doing that this year.



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