I have visited 29 ballparks and I have been collecting every ticket stub. I have only been collecting the fancy season ticket holder stubs because they are more appealing to the eye. I was wondering if there is a place I can get some for certain ballparks that no longer issue them or only certain people can get them.

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I just had a heck of a time getting Barves tickets and Astro tickets on home team stock. I thought I was set up in Atlanta to have my "boring Ticketmaster" tickets reprinted, only to have it all fall apart. It took me two trips to the ticket department at Tryner Field to get what i wanted. As for Houston, I tried everythig to get ticket on Astro stock and the best I could get was an envelpoe with address and an assurance that they would reprint my ticket sand send them out to me in the mail. The real kicker is I had to leave the "boring Ticketmaster" stubs I had with them, so now if I do not receive them in the mail, I will have nothing. This whole ticket stub thing is very frustrating, because depending on the team, you may or may not get decent stubs.

I think the nationals and the indians don't have those hard stock anymore, because the season ticket holders now get like credit cards. When you went to turner field did you talk to guest services?

Yes I had to go to guest services and they took me to the ticket department. Try to go to the main ticket department before you enter Turner Field because that seemed to be part of the sticking point. If you can't find it from the outside, someone from guest services will escort you to the ticket dept. As for the the Indians and Nats not having "season tickets" any longer, I am not sure. 2 years ago I was in Cleveland and I had my tickets at will call and they had and Indians logo on them. I am not sure how fancy a ticket you are loooking for, but as long as they have something with the home team on them I am happy. I try to do will call when I buy my tickets, but this year I did not have that option for Atlanta, Houston or Texas.

There are several teams now that no longer have season ticket stock. The Braves do but charge a $100 fee per ticket to have them printed this way. The Dodgers, Indians, Nationals, Marlins, Rays and Royals not longer have season ticket stock. If you want these you need to buy them at the box office before the game. If you want a souvenir ticket you better buy one or ask people after the game. It is getting tougher and tougher to get these tickets.

Who would have ever thought that getting a ticket stub would be turn into such a pain in the rear end. I would pay another buck or two for a decent stub if that is what it is going to come down to.

I've gotten ticket stubs off of eBay, but it may not be the game you went to.

Wow, you are more particular than me! I am just happy with any sort of hard ticket.

I have a ticket to every ML game I have been to, but it is quite a pain to acquire them sometimes. I get tickets pretty much exclusively from Stubhub, but they have all but eliminated hard tickets. This leads me to having to ask for it to be reprinted at each ballpark.

Most are accommodating, Wrigley acted as if it was an everyday occurrence and provided me with a really nice season ticket holder-esque ticket, but there have been some frustrating experiences as well. CBP, Fenway, Yankee Stadium, and Dodger Stadium all flat out refused. That is even after me (not truthfully) telling them that I called in advance and was told it would be done.

Some of have they "cannot access" Stubhub in order to do so (even after I am in the ballpark). Nationals Park made me pay $3, which is a little annoying, but I am fine with. Thankfully my wife puts up with me and helps me find them on the ground when I have been refused.

I think this is definitely going to be more and more of a problem in the future. The thing that bothers me so much is that 1. I am just one person...it will take two minutes, cost them virtually nothing, and you doing it for me is not going to cause a stampede of people following suit. 2. For a game so steeped in history and tradition, you would think they would understand and appreciate people having a keep sake and not being satisfied with a printed out piece of paper.

The only ticket I did not have was the second game I ever went to and thankfully I found some really nice person online who mailed me an extra he had for free.



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