Im going for a Hat Trick of Repeat Stadiums in September. There will be a bunch of us.

Planning on a

Sept. 12 game Yankees @ Baltimore
2 weekend games Phillies @ Nationals
Sept 16 game Marlins @ Phillies.

Friend wanted this for a bachelor party so will be barhopping between the 3 cities.

Taking Amtrak from Hartford down. Will also mix in as much tourist sites as possible.

Any recommendations for restaurants / Hotels for Philly / Baltimore? Ive got DC pretty much covered.

Recommendations for seating at Citizen's Bank Ballpark? Havent been there in a while.

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Hotels: Since I live here, I don't really have a need to use hotels here so my experiences are very limited. Plenty are w/in walking distance. Depending on your budget, Hilton is right there at Camden Yards ruining the outfield view from inside the park. My wife & I used it as our wedding hotel, so it's the only hotel in town I've stayed in; it's very nice but expensive. Depending on the number of guys, maybe you swing a hotel balcony suite that over looks the park; it's a cool way to see the game.

Bars: As part of the park 20th anniversary upgrades, there is now a rooftop bar above the batter's eye you can attend during games. Dempsey's (owned by former O Rick Dempsey) is located in the warehouse & is open year round & the place to go buy beers once concession beers are cut off; food is ok, if you do get something, I suggest the maple syrup drenched slabs of bacon. Across from the park (LF/3rd base direction) is a row of bars that offers good pre-gaming; Pickles & Sliders are 2 of the establishments.

Sightseeing: Over by these bars is a privately funded Brooks Robinson statue you should see. W/in the park, accessible year round even games aren't played, are the new Oriole funded statues of Frank, Brooks, Palmer, Weaver, Eddie & Cal. W/in the old train station outside the park are 2 museums I like: Geppi's Entertainment Museum & Sports Legends Museum. Geppi's is for comic book, toy, pop culture lovers. Sports Legends is run by the Babe Ruth Museum & is a really interesting museum focusing on the O's, Colts, Ravens, & Johnny U in particular. Other smaller exhibits focus on colleges & highlight Terps basketball & Hopkins lacrosse.

Let me know if you need to know anything else about town, like where not to get stabbed during a Super Bowl parade.

We booked our Amtrak tickets this weekend finally. $140 a piece for the 3 leg ticket (Hartford to Baltimore, DC to Philly and then Philly home. Not a bad deal at all.

Sports Legends Museum is on our list for Baltimore. May have a can of spraypaint to take out any Ravens stuff though...I also want to go back to the Babe Ruth House and to Ft McHenry.

Its been a few years since I have been to Camden so thanks for your suggestions. Camden is still 1 of my favorites - was there when Manny hit #500 (still 1 of my favorite moments). Stayed at the Admiral Fell Inn that trip and really enjoyed it and Fell's Point.

Hotels-there is a Holiday Inn right down the street from the stadium. It's a few miles away from center city though so I'd only stay there if you focus is the baseball games. Any hotel you get in Old City or on Market Street between front and 20th will be nice.
Restaurants-my favorite in Center City is Jone's on 7th & Chestnut. Comfort food better than your mom can make. You can't go wrong with a Steven Starr restaurant. Near the stadium is Chickie's & Pete's (sports bar w/ great crab fries, which are also inside Citizen's Bank Park) and Celebre's pizza (New York style, delish). If you are looking for a cheesesteak (and who doesn't want one from Philly?), go to Tony Lukes on Oregon Ave (also inside the stadium).
Seating inside Citizen's Bank-anywhere. Even the seats in the 400 level are good.



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