Anyone been to many parks in the FSL?

I'm gonna be doing some weekend road trips this summer around the state, and was gonna try and hit up some minor league games along my routes. Was trying to figure out if I should make a preference on one stadium or another if my trip would only allow for 1 stadium.

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After seeing all but Daytona I would suggest Bradenton Marauders. Plus if you can catch a Gulf Coast league game at any of the practice fields that is an added plus.

Hadn't thought about a Gulf Coast league game. I'll have to look into that.

Bradenton was one of the ones I was having to make a decision on. Between them and the clearwater threshers. Not sure I'd be able to make both stadiums. Though it'll depend on my trip and what the team's schedules are.


Already made it to Roger Dean Stadium for the Jupiter Hammerheads (will hopefully get to add some pics shortly). St Luice Mets are on my schedule. And I'm hoping to be in Ft Myers and Daytona later on this summer.

Might be getting to games in Daytona and St Lucie this coming week depending on how my travels go. Will try and get some pics if I do.

So I did make it out to games in Daytona and St Lucie this past weekend.

Saw the Jupiter Hammerheads play against the Daytona Cubs at "The Jack" aka Jackie Robinson Stadium.

This was a really fun stadium. It was right on the Intercoastal, and you could see out over the outfield wall and could see the water and palm trees and everything. Even being from Florida and used to the Florida scenery, this was a nice view. Stadium itself was old school. Most of the seating was General Admission for $7. They did have actual seats under a roof behind homeplate and down part of the 1st base line. 3rd base side was all bleachers. Looks like it used to be concrete bleachers that they then put metal benches over. Still fairly comfortable though. And being close to the water there was a nice breeze as well. Only negative thing would be for those that like to chase foul balls. The netting extended out past the dugouts and all the way up to the roof and then there was fencing from there to the end of the bleachers, so it was hard to get any foul balls in the bleachers and impossible if you were in an actual seat under the roof. The scoreboard was a manually operated board, and it looked like they letting kids help operate it. There was no video screen. Not sure if they were randomly picked or had to sign up for the job or what, but they seemed to be having fun working the scoreboard and watching the game from the outfield wall. Real good beer and food prices as well. Hot Dogs were $2.50 and you could get a 32oz beer for $6. They also did fan interaction contests that would earn the fans discounts for an inning on different food and beverage items. That ocean breeze was blowing straight out to left and helped carry some balls out that normally would have been caught by the left fielder. Good park for fans of the long ball.



Also went to Tradition Field at Digital Domain Park on Monday for a day game between the visiting Dunedin Blue Jays and the St Lucie Mets. It was a morning game and was "Education Day" and almost the entire crowd was school classes on field trips. Much newer and nicer stadium, but was hotter, and didn't seem to be built to take advantage of the breeze to cool the place down. State of the art electronic scoreboard and video screen. Was also almost exclusively General Admission seating, for $6 a ticket. Didn't even make it to a concession stand as it was a 10:30am game, and I'd just had breakfast and wasn't drinking that early in the day. The PA announcers were really good, though the PA was turned up really loud, even by stadium standards. Still a fun stadium though.


I'll hopefulyl have some pics to put up soon.

I went to the Charlotte Stone Crabs in Port Charlotte last week.  It was after torrential downpours so there were only about 200 people there.  Very nice stadium (hadnt been there since the Rays renovated it).  Most of it was closed off due to rain.


Also, went to a GCL game that afternoon. I was the only person there!!! Nothing like a private baseball game.

awesome. I'm hoping to make it over to the west coast of Florida to catch some games there in Port Charlotte and in Ft Myers later in July. Though I'm going camping in August up in north central Florida, so I may just combine my stadium trip with that one and go to stadiums up in the Tampa area.

Hey Jon!

     Yes FSL games are very enjoyable- my first MiLB game was the old St. Petersburg Rays at Al Lang Field back in 2000. Lived in the Tampa area from 98-03.


If you make the visit to the West Coast I'd highly recommend two ballparks- Legends Field in Tampa (Yankees) and Bright House Field in Clearwater (Phillies). I've seen a few games at Legends Field and the experience was great- even if you aren't a Yankees fan. Bright House Field has been word of mouth but from what I understand it's outstanding!


I've been to Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Dunedin Stadium in Dunedin, Legends Field, Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, and Al Lang Field. Good luck in your journey and please keep us updated!



Will do. I've made it to Roger Dean a number of times this season. I'm hoping to get a chance to make it to at least one of those fields (Legends Fields Bright House) this season still.

anyone know how full the Tampa Yankees games get?
I'm going to be over in Tampa and was thinking of hitting up the park for the Lakeland Flying Tigers vs Tampa Yankees, but it's going to be their season opener.

So they were not full at all. Couple thousand empty seats. Was a fun way to follow up the Orioles vs Rays afternoon game. It was my second double header in less than a month, though this was was a two stadium double header.

I am going on a trip in a few weeks to attend a game at every Florida State League stadium. I am also adding in a few Gulf Coast League games and 1 Major League game, so I am going to see (weather permitting) 18 games in 12 days.

I like Hammond Stadium home of the Fort Myers Miracle and Charlotte Sports Park home of the Charlotte Stone Crabs for Florida State League Baseball.  Also cool is Pensacola Bayfront Stadium home of the Blue Wahoos for Double A baseball.  Also, you can check out a U.S. Navy Blue Angels practice while in Pensacola if you go on a Tuesday or Wednesday.



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