I'm headed to Houston in April to see Minute Made Park. I figure as long as I'm in the city, I'd visit the world famous Astrodome, but my question is: Is there anything to see?

When I went to Detroit in 2012, I was able to go on the field of old Tiger Stadium. While the only remains of the building were a few archways and the flag in center field, a group of volunteers had maintained the surface. Is there anything like this at the dome? Is it worth my time to stop by?

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The Astrodome is all but abandoned now.  It fell into disrepair and doesn't meet code so only maintenance workers are allowed in now.  It was just recently granted a form of landmark status so it cannot be torn down, but every plan for use has failed.  The current one being debated is to strip most everything but the dome and use it as a semi-climate-controlled public park.

But as for now, you can basically drive near it and nothing more.

Thanks for the reply. I'm going in April. It's a rare day game (1:10) on a Thursday. I figured I'd be able to wait until closer to game day and buy cheap tickets on StubHub, but I don't know how Houston fans are now that the team is good. Would you happen to have any insights on that?

Not sure.  Houston as a city has a bit of a reputation at least in Texas for being a little unsupportive.  Whether or not that is deserved, I don't know.  I would imagine a 1:10 game on a Thursday should have a lot of availability.



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