My son and I are planning to go to 5 more games in August, adding to a total of 25/30 MLB stadiums. Would like suggestions of where to stay for the following games: Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago (White Sox), Kansas City and back to Chicago (Cubs). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! We are driving the entire trip!

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Hi Leslie! Sounds like a great trip! Have you had a chance to look through our Chaser Guides yet? All our guides are freshly updated for the 2019 season and have all our hotel recommendations listed. Hopefully others will have suggestions too. Have a great trip!

Thank you Craig! I noticed that AFTER I posted this question. It's been a year since I started planning the last MLB trip - I forgot:) 

My dad and I did a similar trip in 2017.  It was awesome.  We went to Chicago, KC, then Minny.

I can't remember where we stayed in the Chicago area, just that it was outside of town on the way to KC.  I go to Chicago every year and other than that trip in 2017 I always stay with friends so not sure of the best hotels there.

For KC, we stayed in one of the hotels in the Chaser guide, can't remember which one.  But there is nothing around that stadium other than a couple hotels and fast food restaurants.  Next time I go I'd probably stay downtown and drive to the game.

For Minny, we stayed in the Best Western Normandy Inn & Suites (also in the Chaser guide).  Nice hotel, and within walking distance to the park.  I recommend it.

For Milwaukee, when I went last year, I actually stayed in Racine after the game and had breakfast the next morning at the Blue Bear.  One of the best breakfasts I've ever had!  Could be worth doing, as it looks like you're going to Chicago from Milwaukee.  Racine is in the middle.  

Thank you Mike B! Yes, I'm going to use Chaser Guides for our hotels. It's great that you stayed at the Normandy Inn and Suites in Minny - I was looking at that one and am glad to get good reviews! And thanks for the breakfast recommendation in Racine! Sounds great!



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