Will be taking a trip to the Royals ballpark and wanted some advice on seating in the park,  things to do in the area.  


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Being a small stadium I found that they might have the best cheap seats around, if that makes sense.  Even the upper deck feels close.  Get there early, the tail-gating scene is arguably the best in baseball.  Also take a tour of their museum.

In town, you MUST go to the Negro League Baseball Museum.  Can't miss.  Down the road is a small monument for where the Monarchs used to play.

Barbecue.  Make time for Joe's (the Z-Man sandwich and burnt ends), Arthur Bryant's (ribs and burnt ends, one of the first barbecue places in the country), and Gates.

Take a drive by the downtown Library if you can as well.

I can second almost everything Paul said.  

Definitely plan some time for the Negro League Museum!  It is a pretty dense, information intensive exhibit, so plan to take it slowly.  

Another good BBQ option is Fiorella's Jack Stack.  If the weather is nice, I recommend the patio.

I'm not always a bleacher kind of guy, but loved the seats out by the fountains, especially since it was a pretty hot day when we went.  The lower level infield seating area feels amazingly close to the field, too.  This is a gem of a ballpark, and in my opinion pretty underrated.

The tailgating was okay. . . but I'm from Milwaukee, where tailgating is a whole different level event.

Milwaukee is it's own level of tailgating.  You know it's good when there's an on-site butcher shop.

They don't really tailgate here in Texas any more.  I was impressed with how they organize the parking (here you can just drive up and down aisles).  Once an aisle is full, they just take it over.  For baseball I thought it was great.  Obviously Chiefs games next door and college games are another level.



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