just got tix for the series in SD


anyone who's been to Petco that's got tips or advice for visiting San Diego and the Park please let me know.  Thanks!



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Petco is a very nice park.  The info on this site is pretty useful.  If you are on a budget, get the "park pass" tickets for $5 (in advance or $7 at gate).  Technically you are supposed to hang out in the park area or standing room, but you can go to the upper deck and they won't hassle you.  There are alot of good places to eat before or after the game.  Tin Fish, Basic, East Village Tavern, the Neighborhood, Bubs are some of my favorites.  Also, the Omni hotel is attached to the stadium and some rooms overlook the field (a little pricey).  You can also watch the game from the top of a couple rooftop bars near the stadium, which is pretty cool.

I agree with Ryan's post. Definitely go to Tin Fish before the game. Petco is within the Gaslamp District so many bars / restaurants for before / after the game. Are you going to have a rental car? You don't need one if staying within this area.  Take a look at the Hilton Bayfront as well - there is a pedestrian bridge to the stadium now. There are no bad seats within the park that I have seen.  You do end up far from the field  due to large walkways that circle the park.  I always enter from the CF gate and walk around.  The Team store is in LF inside the brick building, from which you can watch BP. There are seats on this building but they may be obstructed view. However, it may be an interesting place to sit too.


For other sites within SD, I would highly recommend the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, SD Zoo and Cabrillo Monument (need a car to get to). Also would recommend Childrens Beach in La Jolla (seals on the beach, great area) and Pacific Beach but you need a car for these.


Any other questions either post them or PM me.

thanks for the tips, I've been looking into the pub suggestions and they look like nice spots.  Definately looking forward to game more now.  cheers!

Another recommendation would be the Skybar on top of the Marriott, adjacent to the ballpark. Ive watched games from up there.  There is also a Dick's Last Resort close to the park.  Further afoot, there are a lot of choices (Whiskey Grill, Pourhouse (Awesome beer selection), Gordon Biersch, Karl Strauss).  Many choices.  damn, I miss my many business trips out there ( I think I mixed work in...)

that bar looks awesome!  perhaps a good spot for the sat night game. 

i just got my tix in the mail for the sunday game and one of them has a * next to seat number.  any idea what that means? 

Joe, what is the section #?  Ill take a look at seating chart.  May be obstructed view -I believe Petco lists any seat with a railing nearby as obstructed. Or in LF, there are some obstructed view seats near the Brick Building. I wouldnt worry too much about them as there will be many seats and I have found the ushers to usually allow you to move around.

its sec 111, doesnt seem like there'd be anything in the way.  I think its front row, but says row 5

Its definitely just a railing or potentially a corner of the dugout which isn't far away. I really don't think it will be anything to worry about.  Those should be awesome seats. Pic attached is section 111. Not sure where row 5 is but it will be upfront.  Note that there is a split section


Petco was awesome!  definately recomend to anyone.  thanks for all the tips!  next stop:  Rangers Ballpark in September


Glad it worked out for you.  Did you see anything else in San Diego or any bars / restaurants in the Gaslamp?

we were there for 3 days and stayed out in Pacific Beach so didnt spend too much time in the Gas lamp, just pre-post game.  we went to Seasucker for brunk (tasty) then Bubs for a few beers(very solid choice for pregame atmosphere, thanks to Ryan who suggested that one.)  after we went to Hodads for a burger and shake (awesome bugers, one of the best i've ever had)  rest of the time we kicked it on the beach.  all around great trip.



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