Anyone have a good tip? Anyone take the metro?

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For a Miami Marlins game, whatever you do do not park in the official parking decks, it will take an hour or more to get out after the game (that was my experience on monday for opening day).  In the past I have parked on a empty lot on west side of 17th Ave just south of 6th St. Its $10-15 and easy in out, and as close to stadium without being in official parking.  

I've never had an issue with the parking garages in Miami, but then, Opening Day was probably a lot more crowded than it usually is. They do tend to empty from the top down, so part up high if you want to get out quickly.It also depends on which garage you're in as they each exit a different direction. They actually have official parking lots that aren't garages that also empty easily. There are three lots on the west side, labelled West 1, West 2, and West 3 that I've used before that are fenced in and right across the street from the main entrances. 

I parked in a ramp right across from the stadium.  Really easy to get in and out of.

I took the Metro. The game was one sided. So I left after 8 innings. The bus to the Metro, despite being fairly full, didn't leave until after the game.

It was Labor Day. It might've just been a holiday schedule, but there wasn't a train for 20 minutes after the game. In other cities there are extra trains after a game, regardless of the day of the week.

While the long wait times stunk, the Metro does get you where you want to go.

Thanks Dan!

Bob, go to my page and see my report from August 16, 2012.  I took the Metro from the airport to the ballpark, which worked great, and gave all the details.  Have fun, Michael Schwartz

don't pay for parking, I parked in the neighborhood by the stadium, walked a few blocks.

that was the first year the park opened up.

We parked in the "parking garage" beside the stadium.  Area around the park seemed a little sketchy.  You pay a little more, but a tleast you don't have to worry.

We are going this Friday(family of 4) and are staying at Red Roof Inn. How much would cab be? I assume that to be best option?

Looks like it'd be $20ish per this website:

If you can get a ride to the airport from your hotel you may be able to ride the MetroRail close to the stadium and then take the shuttle from the stop to the Stadium.

We stumbled into parking on NW 14th court just a 2 minute walk to stadium for $10. With an absurdly easy exit onto 836 west bound. Just drive onto 7th street then turn away from the garages. There was a cute old couple that helped us back out after the game by stopping traffic in front of their house. We got there about 40 minutes before the game.

After the game we just drove north until the road ended at the river and we turned left drove 2 blocks and found the on ramp for 836 west 10 minutes after the game we were well clear of the stadium.

Hi Bob,

I have the same question/concern as it's just me and my 14 yo son. I don't want to walk far after the game OR get lost in that part of town. The cops often direct traffic after major events so you can't always rely on Google if the police won't let you turn left where Google says to turn left. We're coming in on 836 but going home 836 EAST bound. Did you notice an entrance to 836 Eastbound (back to 95) on your route? Thanks!



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