MLB At the Ballpark App- Upgrading Seats at the Ballpark

Hi all,

I am a season ticket holder in Minnesota, and I recently got an email stating that I have the option to upgrade my seats during a game using the MLB At the Ballpark app.

Crazy! I did some searching and found this press release:

This seems cool to me. I'm wondering if I'm the last to hear about this new feature. Has anyone done this before? Any recommendations or things to beware of?


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I've heard that they were going to start doing this soon but I wasn't aware it was available yet. I have heard of the option to order food & drinks with the app and the ability to get paperless tickets, but this is sort of new...

Hey Katie! This is such a cool feature but I haven't tried it yet. I know MLB always stays on top with technology and apps so it doesn't surprise me. Let me know if you try it!

At the Mets game Sunday, I used the App and found it quite helpful but they dont have the upgrade option yet. Was looking for the option to turn on the heat as we froze at the game...

Here a a breakdown of the app and the new features.

Thanks for the link!! I haven't been back to the ballpark since opening day! I'll let you guys know when I try it out.



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