We are doing our southern leg trip in late September. I've been looking at hotels near Tropicana Field and I see there are quite a few on the Gulf. But it is confusing since some say near the water some say on the water and some say both.  Anybody been there and have a suggestion?

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"Near" usually means a short walk to the beach.  "On" usually means the beach goes up to the property itself.  My wife and I stayed at Sirata Beach Resort when we were down there in 2008 (got a great deal on Priceline).  It was a beautiful place, right on the water.  My wife liked it so much she decided to skip the game and just hang out there.  She did drop me at the park first though, which is 10 miles from the resort.  She got some awesome pictures of the sunset too... wish we could have stayed a couple extra days so I could have enjoyed it more than I got to. :)

i would def suggest staying on the beach.   was there a few yrs ago and stayed in St Pete beach.  20min drive to the Trop.   it was a great time.  id suggest seeing if the Bucs are in town too, thats also a cool stadium (if u like football)



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