Hi fellow Ballpark Chasers.

I am writing a piece on the origin of the names of MiLB teams. So far I have big problems with finding the origin of the name of the Kane County Cougars.

Does anyone of you know why the Cougars are called the Cougars? Was there a naming contest when they moved to Kane County in 1991? Is there a link between the wildlife of the area and the name?

Please help.

Thank you.


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I spent some time looking but can't find the answer. I will keep looking...

I went to see the Cougars in 2011 and got a game program, but unfortunately the program did not say anything about the origin of the team name. I also went through their 2012 media guide that was online, but didn't see anything there either. I think you may need to contact the team directly. Good luck with your search. When you find out, you'll have to let us know.



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