So, all the Comerica hotels recommended on are sold out the weekend of July 17 & 18. Any suggestions for other places to stay? Tips on parking and exiting safely after the game? Thanks!

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If you are flying into Detroit I would recommend Holiday Inn Express Hotel& Suites Allen Park-Dearborn. I have stayed there a few times and always had a great experience.

For parking I would suggest that you head over to Nemo's Bar and Grill on Michigan Ave. You can park there for free and take the shuttle (old school buses) to Comerica for a few bucks. After the game head back via the shuttle to Nemo's for another round of drinks.

Jeff, thanks for the information! We'd be driving to Detroit and I'll look up these locations. I guess Nemo's is used to their parking lot filling up with cars belonging to people who aren't spending any money in the bar from 6:00-10:00 pm, lol? Do you recall where the shuttle drops off and picks up at the park? Or late they run after the last out? Sorry for the questions, I'm extra cautious about details when I travel w/ my kids.

Well, they are hoping that people will just walk on in and have a drink. :)

The shuttles drop off and pick up at the corner of Witherell and Madison (in front of the Detroit Opera House). That is about one block from the ballpark. The shuttles start taking people back to the bar around the 6th inning until about 30 minutes after the last out.

Good luck to you.

Perfect, thank you!

Jennifer, We always park at the MGM Grand Casino parking garage and walk the 6 blocks to the park. It has always been free to park there but we usually get there 2 hours early for batting practice so not sure if they try to charge closer to game time. It is then very easy to get out and onto the highway. You go right out of the garage and then right at the next street and onto the ramp to the highway. As far as hotels, I am not sure where to stay and don't know which direction you are headed so I can't advise, but would check hotels in the direction you are heading.

We stayed in Windsor, Canada at the Waterfront Hotel. It had a free breakfast and it also had a discount on rooms if you book their sports package. You will need your passport to cross into Canada but our room was so inexpensive! It cost us about $85.00 USD and our room was newly remodeled. I know that some rooms are not renovated though so you may have to ask about that.

We ended up parking at the MGM casino parking lot (it's FREE) and it was a 10 minute to the stadium. Hope this helps! We had a blast at Comerica!

Atheneum is good. Not the cheapest but is a great location.



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