gonna be close to Atlanta mid Oct, and hoping the Braves make a run in the playoffs to coincide with that trip.

anyone who's been to Turner Field?  would appreciate any tips/pre-game spots etc.  thanks!  GO BRAVES!

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I have been to Turner Field. Really liked it. Its got the typical for newer parks Center Field Entry Plaza (like Philly, San Diego, etc) that opens well before a game. I ate at the Bullpen Rib House before the game and it was a good place to hang out. Don't remember much else being around the ballpark.  As for the park itself, it was typical ballpark prices / selections but a very nice stadium.
cool, good stuff.  hope the timing works out.  My prediction is that Philly and Atl would play in the NLCS, and if it goes 6 games that would be the one.  Fingers crossed!



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