OK, this topic is probably a little bit off what we'd normally discuss but I thought it would be fun to ask the question.


When you're on the road towards a ballpark (or in the air, on the train, etc.) what music is in your player? Everyone has their favorite artists to listen to on the go; who are yours? Do you have a desert road CD?


Curious to know if this topic piques some interest, having just returned from a trip to Atlanta/Tampa Bay.

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"Deep Tracks" - a Sirius XM Radio channel featuring deep cuts of classic rock music, which encompasses lesser known album tracks, one-hit wonders, concert recordings, "forgotten 45s" and B-side tracks. The channel's format resembles progressive rock radio of the early 1970s.







Scott - I have spent most of my adult life wishing the radio had a station like that. May need to subscribe after all!
When I go on mega trips- I always carry my XM roady to listen to music and baseball in the car.  When it comes to CD's-you gotta have some Bob Seger for the road-and of course the Beach Boys Greatest Hits still rank right up there to put you in a good mood.

The Beach Boys Greatest Hits! I never thought of that, and I always get a kick out of when they're on the radio! Now I can use my Tunes gift certificate for something.

Great post, Kurt! I gotta go with "The Boss"...it doesn't get any more All-American than that! The Cure, Pete Yorn, Pink Floyd, GnR, Moby, Neil Young, Outkast, Radiohead and The Samples are always in my car. I also have Sirius/XM radio and combine the stations XMU and Alt Nation when traveling. With that being said, I always start the morning off with a little Howard Stern for a laugh. :)

Is Radiohead the band that allowed people to download their songs for free from the Internet, back when musicians were up and arms about piracy?



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