Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

Brewers @ Braves. Save the date for our 4th Annual Ballpark Chasers Meetup in Atlanta, Georgia. We are waiting on MLB to announce the game time as well as the Braves to confirm they can accommodate our group for tickets and a pre-game ballpark tour. Therefore, don't buy your plane tickets yet, just save the date!

UPDATE: it's now official. Reserve your tickets here

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The Braves scheduled the game for 4:10 PM

Disappointing to read this yesterday but we will make it work. I'll have an update next week once group tickets go on sale!

Why disappointing? 

We were hoping to have a BBQ and ballpark tour prior to the game. I like all activities finished 2 hours prior to game-time so that doesn't leave enough time to get this all in. Plus a day game in Atlanta will be hot!


Keep up the GREAT work, this is a very FUN group! Any idea where the 5th Meetup will be? I'm already set for out of town trip July 1-4, a family wedding the following weekend. 2018 Opening Day would be ideal timing, just saying ;)

Play Ball,


Hey Keith! Thanks for the positive feedback! Sorry you can't make it. Not sure about 2018 as of yet. We usually announce the location after we finish up the current Meetup. Probably will never be an Opening Day game because of weather and the difficulty to reserve 100+ tickets. 

I just found this site today.  I'll need to cross off the new ballpark off my list. 

I'm a 4 hour drive away so I can make this.

We would love to have you, Brent! Please RSVP here when you are ready to commit. 



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