Season ticket sharing - I need a membership agreement

Hi. I just joined a new group, and we will all co-own 4 season tickets for the SF Giants. We want an agreement that spells to our rights vis a vis each other, such as the following: What happens when one of us wants to leave the group? What happens with playoff tickets? How will regular season tickets be divided?

We pre-paid for a 4-year seat license, and I want to make sure I can leave the group before the 4th year and get reimbursed for the money I paid for the seat license.

I would have thought I could find an agreement on the web, but I have come up empty, thus far.

If any of you have an agreement that covers such issues, I'd really appreciate it if you would send me a copy so I can use that as a starting point.


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I wrote an agreement for my minor league season tickets that spelled this out. People were pretty happy with it.

If you prepaid for 4 years, why do you think you should be allowed out early... someone is on the hook for that, you should be responsible for your share. What we did was allow your share to be fully transferable... if someone from the group wants it, they can buy it, or work together to find a buyer... but in the end it's your responsibility.

Splitting up tickets... we used a fantasy football draft order generator and had a ticket draft. Special events like playoffs and season ticket holder events we used a waiver priority based on order of payment... but when you take an event you move to the bottom.

Hi, David. Thanks for your reply. Would you be willing to share your agreement with me?

You raise a good point about allowing members/partners to exit the partnership. We have been focused on how to allow it, but you are right that we also may need to prevent an exit. I'll cover that when I draft the agreement.

Happy new year!!
Ps. We have bought the 4-year license but not prepaid for four years of tickets, just to clarify. But your comment is still valuable, as it is possible that a member will want out at a time when no one wants to join/ buy in, thus burdening the other members.

I was unable to find an agreement in which people shared the ownership of the season ticket rights, so I made my own. It's far from perfect, but it spells out the basic issues.

Hard to believe that no one else has done what we are doing, but every single person I talked with is in a group where ONE person owns the rights to the season tickets and the other folks simply buy tickets from that person. Our situation is equal-rights to the season tickets with no person having any superior rights.

We will see how the draft goes, and then we will see how the playoff tickets go, since we all know the Giants will be winning it all. ;-)

Seriously I would get a lawyer involved.

any update here ? interested to hear how this is going



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