Hi all - My son and I have completed 22 of 30 ballparks so far.  We live in NJ so the 8 remaining are the 5 California parks and the three "orphans".  We started when he was young & have done 3-4 parks each summer and built some really awesome other activities around each trip.  Like most people Covid made us miss 2020 and 2021, and we caught up last year with a whirlwind from TX through FL, 5 ballparks!

My son is a sophomore in college so realistically we need to knock out the last 8 parks in 2 trips this year and next year - even next year could be tough as he will most likely have some kind of work internship.  We were looking at the 5 Cali parks and maybe AZ on top of that for this year, which may be the move for us but the timing of what dates it can happen isn't great for my work schedule so I wanted to see if we could make the other 3 work this year and cross our fingers something works for the 5 Cali ones next year early or late in the summer.

There are some dates that can work - I attached a map with 2 examples but there are more.  This trip would be unique for us in that the time to fill in between games is much more than our usual trip, and in a large part of the country that we're not very familiar with.  I am wondering if anyone has done this 3-stadium trip, and if so do you have any ideas for non-ballpark activities or even a sample itinerary?  We are always open to different activities, and especially in places where we have never been anywhere near!

Thanks for anyone who can provide guidance, and if anyone wants me to return the favor by providing one of our many prior itineraries I'd be happy to do it.

Andy Becker

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Good luck with your trip. I think you can knock them out in 2 years. But if not then there's always time. Don't rush doing them, enjoy the travel.

I've not done that route yet (on your map), but I've done the drive from Seattle to Bozeman MT (round trip) at the end of July, and there's typically forest fires anywhere along that drive during that time of year. The route itself isn't held up, but very smokey and sometimes thick with it.  If you have southern routes to go, that might be better. Just something to be aware of. 

Hi all - Thanks for the feedback.  We changed our plans and are doing the 5 Cali parks + AZ this year, and then Seattle to Denver next year to finish it out.  Besides the ballparks we will be riding ATVs in the desert, playing golf at TPC in Vegas, rafting on Horseshoe Bend, and hiking the Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon.  A great trip this year!

Hi Andy. We live in San Diego and love seeing you trying to knock out all the Cali parks. I am happy to give you some advice about San Diego. We are Padres season ticket holders so maybe we can meet up at the game. Feel free to message me. 





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