Hello fellow chasers-


Craig was kind enough to give me permission to post what is essentially a help wanted ad on the site. I run a site called http://www.stadiumjourney.com/ where we post stadium reviews, both college and pro from around the US and the world.


I am currently looking for reviews to help cover the states of Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We are ambitiously trying to review every affiliated minor league team stadium this year.


If traveling to stadiums (not just baseball, but other sports as well) and contributing 1-2 reviews per month sounds interesting, then please drop me a line here, or send an email to paul@stadiumjourney.com


Thanks so much, and happy chasing...



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This is a great venture. I'm not visiting that many stadiums, but I might be this year. I'll definitely bookmark the site and keep it in mind if I build up a lot of travel and reviews!

Thanks Nick-


Nice to hear from you. I hope you'll stop by the site and comment on some of the places you've already visited as well...Thanks again

Another place I am looking to get reviewed and have had trouble finding someone is in Albuquerque. Anyone out there go to Isotopes games?



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