Now that the Orioles have released their game time schedules, we are ready to lock down a date for the 3rd Annual Ballpark Chasers Meetup! For those that want or plan on attending, which date do you prefer? We cannot guarantee that the winner of this poll will determine the date, but it will certainly influence our final decision. For those local to the area, do you see an advantage or disadvantage with either date?

Option 1: Saturday, July 23rd, 7:05pm, Indians vs. Orioles

Option 2: Saturday, August 20th, 7:05pm, Astros vs. Orioles

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Option 2. Aug 20. Off to a California trip in July.

As an Indian fan, my selfish vote has to be for #1.

Trying to plan a trip to see the Giants vs Redsox on July 19th, then make my way down to see the Phillies, Nationals, and end with the Orioles on July 23, Thus Option #1 is my vote.

I'm in either way. Glad you are coming out my way.
Either game works for me.

Option 2. Mets & Yankees are both away. Hall of Fame induction isn't that weekend. It's should be cooler in August. To keep with the tradition, the first two meet ups were in August. Take this logic into account when making the final decision. Thank you.

I would prefer option one. As I teacher, the August date is out.

We might be able to try to go this year since it's a lot closer to home. I think the August date would work better personally since we have a trip planned in July,

We are excited to announce that Saturday, August 20th, is the date of our 3rd Annual Ballpark Chasers Meetup. Sorry Chris & Mark...hopefully next year we can meet in Atlanta!

Craig, I'm all excited to be part of the latest meet up. Hope we can get another big turn out like we had in Seattle. Let me know if you need my assistance in helping you put this together. I've never been to the Babe Ruth Museum so I look forward to finally getting there. It's going to be a blast that weekend.

Just booked my flight. I'm in.

That's great Barry & Gary. Looking forward to seeing you both this summer!



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