I have just a few more ballparks to go and one of them left is Toronto. I'll need to get from Pearson Airport to the Renaissance and I can't figure out how. The hotel told me I had to take a cab at a cost of $70 each way. I've never heard of such a ridiculous price. Even Dulles costs less than half that.

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check out metrolinx, thats the new, soon to start up 1 seat train every 15 minutes from pearson to union station, with 2 stops at subway lines. it won't be cheap at an estimated $27.50 canadian each way, but still half what a taxi would cost, and much faster than the bus system.

Soon to start up doesn't help me since I'm going in April

there is a bus to downtown for much less than that, i am going in july and i remember seeing it, i think it was in the transportation link on the pearson website, i would start there, and check on travel advisor, they have a pretty good downloadable guide on toronto. but there are ways to get into downtown cheaper than a cab

You need to be at Pearson Terminal 3 and look for TTC (toronto transit commission) signs for the 192 Kipling Airport Rocket bus. Get on for $3. It will take you to Kipling Subway Station.

Get off and board the Bloor Danforth Subway eastbound all the way until you reach St. George Subway Station. At this point you'll have to get off and follow signs for University-Spadina trains.

When you get to that platform take the Southbound University-Spadina train and get off at Union Station.

Once you arrive at Union then just begin following signs for the "Skywalk" as this will take you to the Rogers Centre and Renaissance Hotel. Good luck.

It may sound like a hassle but definitely follow Vincent's advice. Rogers Center is no where near the airport and Toronto is hell for trying to get downtown to Rogers Center on wheels(cab, bus or car) The Renaissance is literally in the Rogers Center. I live a couple hours from Toronto and used to go to to 5-10 games a year but lucky to get to 1 or 2 now just because its an event just getting there. Going to the Home Opener this year. Have a good time. Lots of restaurants, Aquarium, CN Tower all within a block or 2.

Second City also a few blocks down the street. We did that on a whim. Highly recommend.

I rented a car in Denver, Houston, Tampa, and Kansas City because of how far the airport was from the ballpark. Each had Super Shuttles, however, that would've gotten me into the city for about $30, however. Denver even has a non-stop bus. I couldn't find any airport shuttles here, so I'm going to take Vincent's excellent advice.

Good luck. It is definitely your best option cost-wise ($3), but bear in mind the entire trip from Pearson to Rogers Centre will probably take you about 1h15m or so. Stay patient and enjoy your time in TO

If you decide to pay the 70 bucks, let me know. I'd come and get you and drop you off for that kinda cash!

The Union/Pearson Express (UP) is starting this spring, but I haven't seen an official launch date yet. They are in testing mode now. There used to be a bus service but it ended last fall, in anticipation of the train service starting. That's left a gap of several months where your choices are a 20 minute cab ride for 70 bucks, or 90 minutes on the TTC (bus / subway) which, gonna be honest, isn't fun, for $3.

What date are you coming to Toronto?

April 23

Vincent has it. The 192 Airport Rocket, with the steps he outlined, is definitely the way to go. We did that last June. If Paul is correct that it's no longer an option, that's a bummer. On our way back to the airport early Sunday morning, when transit wasn't running yet, the Renaissance Hotel arranged a private car for us for 50 bucks. Not cheap, but cheaper than a cab. Nothing but good things to say about the Renaissance, by the way. Good call staying there.

No, the Rocket is still there. The private bus service is gone. You can still take the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) which is city run buses, streetcars and subways. That is the $3 option. The only other option is the taxi, until the UP (Union-Pearson) airport to downtown train starts service.



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