I have just a few more ballparks to go and one of them left is Toronto. I'll need to get from Pearson Airport to the Renaissance and I can't figure out how. The hotel told me I had to take a cab at a cost of $70 each way. I've never heard of such a ridiculous price. Even Dulles costs less than half that.

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I went to Toronto 2 years ago. I think it was around $50-$60 each way. The Limo's are almost the same price. And a much nicer ride.

When will you be going to the game? I'm going to the June 17 & 18 games vs. the Mets (24th ballpark for me). About to begin any day is a brand new train that goes from Pearson to Union Station, which I believe is very close to the Renaissance (I'll be staying at the Renaissance for my trip).

To learn more about the train, here's the link: http://www.upexpress.com/en/

It's CA$53 roundtrip


Thursday, April 23

The trip has been concluded and I did indeed take the 192 Kipling Airport Rocket bus to the Bloor Danforth Subway to the University-Spadina and then followed the signs to "Skywalk." The trip was a little over 1h 15m, because I waited for the bus. Strangely, the most difficult part of the trip was the walk from Union Station to the hotel. It took a while and there were a lot of stairs. With a suitcase that was tough. I also ended up walking entirely around Rogers Centre, because I chose the wrong direction.

Going back I chose to have a Renaissance Hotel driver take me. It was much easier. The final cost hasn't shown up on my credit card, but it says $37.04. I assume that's without tip. That's not so bad, if true.

The train begins operation (I believe) June 6.



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