I am considering a trip to DC this summer.
Would be going to see at least one game each of the Nats and Orioles.

But, my question is, how hard would it be to get over to Philly for a game without having to stay in Philly? Would it be feasable for take a train from DC to Philly for a day game and then still make it back to DC at a decent hour? I'm assuming a night game would make for getting back to DC at 1 or 2am, so that probably wouldn't work.

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Amtrak runs frequently between all of these cities. Personally, I would try to line up DC - Baltimore - Philly without backtracking but if you cannot, Amtrak definitely runs frequently - almost on the hour and its a 2 hr ride from Philly to DC. These trains are generally on-time. Only thing to look into is back and forth to the stadium.

For DC to Baltimore, if its a weekday game, look at MARC (regional train (cheaper) to get there and Amtrak late at night.

If you have any questions on DC / Baltimore, feel free to let me know as I do this frequently...For lodging in DC, look at the Americana hotel as its a budget hotel but a great place to stay.

I got friends in DC that I'd probably stay with, to save money. He's big into baseball as well, and would be going with me to the Nats and Orioles games. That's the only reason I would do it out of DC, as I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel on the trip.

Haven't discussed going to Philly with him yet, so I don't know if he'd be able to get off of work for multiple games like that.
2 hours from DC to Philly isn't bad. That would at least make a day game feasable. I was thinking it'd be at least 3, but maybe that's driving time I'm thinking of?

3 is close to driving time depending on traffic

Staying with a friend is even better....

yeah, the less I spend on hotels, the more I can spend on tickets!
I'll sleep on a friend's couch instead of a hotel if that means the difference between sitting in the lower level instead of the upper deck!

I havent found a bad seat yet in the 8 games I have been to at Nationals Park. Ill add more to this thread this weekend about where we sat. There are areas to avoid at Camden but not many...3 great ballparks for sure

awesome! thanks.

I've been jokingly telling all my friends when they move that they need to move to cities with MLB teams so that I can stay with them on my baseball stadium trips. That's what I did while in NYC, and I've also got friends out in TX and in Denver, so I should be able to get to Rangers, Astros, and Rockies games that way as well in the next year or so. Once I have to start paying for hotels, I might not be able to make as many trips a year.

For Nationals Park, I would recommend taking Metro to the game. Parking is very limited and expensive around there. Lots I saw were ~ $30...

From Metro, you enter in CF near the Red Porch (great pre-game bar - great beer selection and ok food). There is also a picnic area outside of stadium where you can have a few).

I have sat in Section 100 (directly in front of here - decent seats but a little removed). Last year we sat in the Upper Deck (Around Section 405) and really enjoyed it. Great view of the park as well as the only views of the Potomac River and of the US Capitol from the stadium. You are still near the field as its not a very big stadium.

That being said, there are not any bad seats that I have found. We sat behind the 1B Dugout (20 rows back or so) but felt the angle of the seats was almost too low as you will be blocked considerably by anybody going up / down the stairs). Go for a couple of games and try different seats.

There is a good selection of food / drink throughout the stadium. Anywhere from Ben's Chili Bowl to standard concession stands.

Typical Entertainment stuff between innings. I enjoy the President's Race.

With this stadium being so near the city, try to mix in some tourist sites like the Monuments etc or a couple of museums - all Free (assuming Smithsonian). If you go to Arlington Cemetery, look for Abner Doubleday's grave - not hard to find. Would also recommend the Portrait Gallery. There is a wing of Sports Figures Portraits.

Yeah, I remember watching a Marlins game last year against the Nats and they were discussing how parking at the stadium garages was now $40 a game. So I'll be taking the Metro. Would love to see some of the momuments and smithsonian again. I haven't been to DC since I went in the 5th grade on a Patrol trip that almost every school kid makes. Would probably be more meaningful to make it now.

For Camden Yards, go with Field Level but I would make sure that you are either in Straight Away LF or right behind the Dugouts. The sections in Foul Ground b/w the bases and the Foul Pole are angled slightly away from Home Plate giving you a funny angle to look at. There are also a few rows of seats behind Home Plate where your view is blocked by the Press Box (not sure if they still sell these tickets so just watch out.) Ive been to a bunch of games here and found that the food is excellent with a good beer selection but we always pregame somewhere in the Inner Harbor and then go to the park. Make sure to spend time on Eutaw Street walking around after entering the stadium. My only complaint is the enclosed concourse. I will never forget the night Manny Ramirez hit HR #500. Loudest I have heard a ballpark. Orioles fans were celebrating with it. I could never have imagined that he would be traded 2 months later...And be happy about it.

This is hard enough trying to figure on a schedule to see 3 teams in a 5-7 days. Can't image trying to schedule 30 teams in 30 days. That's just crazy talk! Ha.

Thanks Tim. Looking at their site, it looks like they do sell the tickets behind the press box, so I'll look out to avoid those.

Where my tickets are will depend on if I've got friends going with me and how much they're willing to spend on seats.
Tenative plans now have me going to two games in DC, one in Baltimore and one in Philly. But that could still change at this point.

It doesn't look like Philly or the Nats have put individual game tickets up for sale yet at this point, but Baltimore has.

How is the view from the seats in the Eutaw Bleachers? For some reason that section keeps catching my eye as a fun place to watch a game from.

Ive never sat in those seats for a game but walking behind them on Eutaw St, its a great view. But you will have the warehouse to your back so I would make sure to at least walk around and get pics from 3rd Base side looking out too. I love the warehouse as a backdrop for the game.

i added a couple of pics from my 2011 trip and 1 from 2012. First one is from the Upper Deck 1B side. Sat there for 7 hours that night. Game started on time and 5 minutes later, a 3.5 hour rain delay started. Game resumed and it ended at 2:30 that morning on a walk off Grand Slam by Ryan Zimmerman. 2nd pic is from Section 100 in CT. The 3rd Base side one is from this year and my favorite spot in the park.




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