I am considering a trip to DC this summer.
Would be going to see at least one game each of the Nats and Orioles.

But, my question is, how hard would it be to get over to Philly for a game without having to stay in Philly? Would it be feasable for take a train from DC to Philly for a day game and then still make it back to DC at a decent hour? I'm assuming a night game would make for getting back to DC at 1 or 2am, so that probably wouldn't work.

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Awesome pics. Thanks. I should hopefully have my travel plans figured out by this weekend, then I just need to wait for tickets to go on sale for the games. Baltimore seems to be the only team with individual game tickets on sale so far.

Nationals tickets go on sale in early March as I got an email from them last week. Friends of mine and I are trying to figure out where to see the Nationals this year. May go see them in NY (closest stadium to me is Citi Field)

Nice! Their website didn't have them listed! Phillies go on sale Feb 13th.

Jon, I strongly suggest that you go to see all three ballparks in a few days. Let me know when you're looking to go there. I've been to those ballparks numerous times. I always drive. I can give you the tricks of the trade you need to make it a painless and affordable experience. In addition, I recommend that you invest in some Ballpark E-Guides from fellow ballpark chaser, Kurt Smith. Tell him I referred you. He'll give you a great deal. His guides are very informative and useful. You'll save plenty of money and you'll get an education at the same time. Yours truly, Gary Herman

cool, thanks for the idea, I'll look more into those when it gets closer to me taking the trip

I've done this trip a couple times and it's absolutely doable if you plan effectively.



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